Creating Space is the foundation of all that I do

Letting Go of thoughts that no longer serve you…

Letting Go of beliefs that no longer serve you….

Letting Go of things that no longer serve you….

And releasing them with Love and Gratitude thereby creating space for the thoughts and things that do serve you.

My Mission?

Is to help you feel lighter.

To help you flip what feels impossible to possible.

To partner and support who you are and who you are becoming.

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This is my story

I coach people to re-envision their future, by letting go of the past.

Because sometimes the past has a way of clouding our perspective on how we see ourselves and our lives.

No one is immune to experiencing grief in their lives.

I became a widow and my daughters lost their father, then less than five months later my own Dad died.

I know that grief sucks

I know what it was like, for me, to tell my girls that their Daddy was gone, and why.
I know what it felt like, for me, to want to stay in bed, but get up anyway.
I know what it felt like, for me, when everyone in your world feels sorry for you.
And what it felt like to be questioned about my grief; questioned about my choices to move forward, then wonder if I’m doing it all wrong.

Grief is a myriad of feelings and realizations that everything has changed and ironically so much is the same.

The impact of the ending of a significant relationship with or to someone or something creates so much contrast.

The contrast between feeling heavy or empty. Wanting to feel lighter, not knowing how, or not believing its possible to feel any different than this.

I know its possible.

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Grief isn't just about death

You don’t have to figure it out all your own
Let’s do this together

Feeling heavy or empty from the loss of your unrealized hopes, dreams and expectations about your life.  The ever present thoughts and feelings that start with “I shouldacoulda, or woulda“, that won’t seem to go away.

Or that you wish your past relationship with something or someone had been morebetter or different, and that is impacting your present and blurring your future.

Maybe that’s your relationship with you + your life?

Perhaps you feel stuck.  And feel like you have lost who you are and who you are becoming.

Clearing up the past is the best way to clear the path to your future.

Let me guide you, and help you deliberately create YOUR life, YOUR way…

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