Decluttering 2015

The dawn of a New Year is nearly upon us.

The calendar is shiny and clean and waiting for us to fill it.  

Like opening to the first page of a new notebook or journal or climbing into to a new car and inhaling that new car smell.  

The possibilities are endless of what we can create for our new year.

Isn’t it exciting and liberating that annually we collectively start anew!

Globally the world is literally letting go of the old year and welcoming the new.  

We get to choose what we carry over from our last year. 

We get to choose what we let go of from our last year. 

We get to choose how we feel about our experience with 2015 and how it affects our go forward into 2016.

We get to choose.

A Year in Review

How would you sum up your experience in 2015?

Going back through the months and reviewing your year, from the perspective of this moment.  

What does the past year feel like overall?

The good times and the challenging times, the high tides and the low tides; the chaos and the quiet.  Reflect on how you have evolved and what 2015 taught you, especially the lessons and skills you acquired about yourself. Without the substance and experiences of this past year, you would not be the person you are in this moment.  


The good stuff that added value to you and your life experience in 2015 are definitely the keepers. The memories, moments and stories that when you recall bring a warmth and happiness that 

  • you were there, 
  • you were a part of something, 
  • you did, 
  • you went, 
  • you tried, 
  • you experienced, 
  • you connected, 
  • you succeeded, 
  • you taught,
  • you inspired,
  • you learnt, 
  • you laughed, 
  • you cried,
  • you thanked,
  • you helped,
  • you nurtured,
  • you loved,
  • you rocked it,
  • you believed,
  • you challenged,
  • you breathed,
  • you . . . . . .

Amongst that list there may be occasions that only by looking back from this moment can you see and feel the value.  The times that only when the experience or situation had passed were you able to then or now look back and say, “Yes, that was mine.”

Taking ownership for the good stuff, no matter that it was not readily apparent at the time, strengthens our foundation.  Keeping the energy of the good stuff and appreciating what we garnered from it helps us create and attract more in the future. 


Letting go of the times in the last year that do not serve you.  The times that may deflate your energy and or take away from the good stuff.

Its not always easy to let go of past experiences that were not especially stellar. It is not always easy to recognize that holding on to those times may be taking away from your energy rather than adding value to it.

What does holding onto them do for you?

Is it possible that you are “shoulding on yourself?”

In your reflection, note if you find yourself saying…

  • I should have done,
  • I should have went,
  • I should have said,
  • I should have tried,
  • I should have gone,
  • I should have started,
  • I should have taken,
  • I should have helped,
  • I should have ….

For whatever reason you chose not to do something, reflecting with “I should have” statements make you feel guilty.  

Let them go.

If you hear yourself saying “I shouldn’t have…”, for whatever reason in the course of the year you chose to do something, however in retrospect you wish you had not.

Its done.

You did.

Let it go.

And if you are challenged by doing so…what would it feel like to forgive?

Make Peace

Lingering amongst the “shoulds” of 2015 may taint the go forward resolutions or intentions you are creating for 2015.  We can become mired in the why’s, the worries and what if I hads.

What if you were to look at those lists with the eyes of observation rather than judgement?

Is it possible that you made the best decision you could have with the information you had at the time?

Is it possible to make peace with the things you feel you ought to have done but didn’t? 

Is it possible you can convert those should have’s of 2015 to I choose to’s in 2015?

Armed with what we know now, we may have made different choices then.  We can not go back to those moments, however we can choose whether bringing them into the new year serves us going forward.

Is it possible that you can find a take away?

To find the life lesson amongst it all?

Is it possible that letting go of the shoulds can be fertilizer for what we want to create in 2015?

Letting go by making peace is not a means of pretending it did not happen.  It is about changing the way we look at circumstances that may be resonating negatively within us.  

Forgiveness is not making what did or did not happen okay, vanquishing us of responsibility or accountability.  Forgiveness allows us to release the tensile strength of our emotional attachment to a circumstance. ~Sherry Trentini

Choosing to lessen the  load of carrying negative energy from 2015 into the new year, helps to create space in our thoughts and feelings.  Choosing to no longer vibrate or resonate with the perceived negatives at the same level is frees up energy so we can direct it towards what we do want to carry.

By first making peace with chosen content of 2015 can make it easier to choose whether to carry it forward into the new year or let it go.  Whatever you choose to do, adding the essence of gratitude to what 2015 taught you goes a long way to cultivating gratitude in the coming year and years to come.

You get to choose.


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Sherry Trentini

As a Life and Grief Coach, my passion is helping women to let go of the past (thoughts, things, beliefs) to create space so they are able to re-envision and embrace their future!

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