Autumn Equinox

The Autumn equinox of 2016 is a couple days away.

A solstice is defined as the point during the Earth’s orbit around the sun at which the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator, while an equinox is at its least distance. A solstice is characterized by either an extremely long night or an extremely short day.

And at this time of the year in Canada the evidence of the changing seasons is plentiful.  My Echinacea flowers are at all stages:  beginning, middle and end of their life cycle.

my Echinacea flowers

Autumn for me & many is synonymous to harvest, it is the collection of what we had planted and nurtured.  This doesn’t only apply to fruit & veg, it is applicable for all of what we intended.  Remember back to January 1st?  Did you choose to make an intention or resolution for this year?

Regardless that we are close to entering the last quarter its not to late to revisit your intention for the year, renew and modify accordingly.  Because you get to choose!

Here is something I invite you to do for yourself…

Rather than choosing or intending to do something, like the traditional stuff, what would it feel like to choose how you want to feel for the balance of the year?  Often that connection can be lost when choosing to train for an ironman or the like.  When our sights are set on something tangible we may have a tendency to lean toward a short sighted result.

  1. What do you want the balance of 2016 to feel like?

  2. What 1, 2 or 3 words would most perfectly describe that energy? [Now, drink those word in and flood your body with what they feel like.]

  3. What do they feel like in your body when you think of them, hold them and own them?

Feeling that energy. . .What effect would that have on your

  • Gratitude?
  • Community?
  • Relationships? (the one with yourself included)
  • Joy & Creativity?
  • Spirit?
  • Career?
  • Health? (in all ways)
  • Self-Cultivation?

Feel, Be, Do . . .

What would you do that would support you feeling those 1, 2 or 3 words?

What would you stop doing that would support you feeling that way?

What would it feel like to go to bed tonight envisioning yourself tomorrow feeling, being and doing things with that vibe?

Finally, what would it feel like at the end of the day tomorrow and or the end of 2016 to have felt that way?

You get to choose!



Sherry Trentini

As a Life and Grief Coach, my passion is helping women to let go of the past (thoughts, things, beliefs) to create space so they are able to re-envision and embrace their future!

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  • Karen Freitag Bacon at

    Hi Sherry!

    First words that came to mind were…

    Thanks for this! I was feeling a tad panicky about how I was going to get caught up in my Pilates homework before or Level 4 (Advanced) 3 day intensive Oct 14 – 16. I’m driving up Thurs am for 2 nites to practice teaching my fellow Pilates nerds & do some privates & semis (duets!) & classes.

    Now, I shall keep calm & carry on (& do Pilates!)
    Thank you my fellow Pilates Nerd & my original Yamuna mentor! I always give you credit when I teach my 1st class of a Yamuna/Small Therapeutic Ball session.

    Did you ever know you were my hero….
    You are the wind beneath my wings.

    Ciao Bella!

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