A Day for Gratitude

Last month was World Gratitude Day.

World Gratitude Day falls on September 21, 2010, and was started in 1977 by the United Nations Meditation Group. It’s a time to celebrate your existence, passions, local hero’s, relatives, friends and all the little things that bring joy into your everyday existence.

As a HUGE fan and advocate of gratitude, I’m sad to say that I didn’t know a thing about it nor heard anything about it until after the fact.  This weekend Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving and it is my FAVE day in all three hundred and sixty five of them.

Why is Thanksgiving my day?  I love the work of all the food prep; the kneading of the dough for baking home made buns, the smell of onions and garlic frying, pinching perogies, bossing my kids and anyone else into helping me 🙂  Then on the day bringing all the individual pieces together, time management of turkey basting and cooking, potatoes boiling and gravy simmering and all the other dishes to culminate into a grand feast!

I believe that…

There is always room for one or two or 6 more.
There is always enough food,  a place to sit, &
There is always something to be grateful for….


Its the little Moments that make Life big

This year will be no different, I enjoy bringing anyone and everyone to the celebration of giving thanks and I can feel gratitude absolutely running in, out and through me and everyone!

Its just not one day of the year, its not because it gets a day on the calendar that simply brings the spotlight on the intention.

Thanksgiving for me is a marathon of little moments that makes my Life Big.

And for that I am Intentionally Grateful everyday.

Thank You.


Sherry Trentini

As a Life and Grief Coach, my passion is helping women to let go of the past (thoughts, things, beliefs) to create space so they are able to re-envision and embrace their future!

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