Gratitude for the Everyday

At this very moment it is -27C (-16.6F) outside.  Because that is the way Mother Nature rolls in Western Canada.  Its really hard to generate a feeling of gratitude for the weather outside, when you can’t feel your face, feet, hands etc…after only a couple minutes.

Brrrr (-16.6F)

This weather system started on Friday, with snow, snow and more snow, and progressively dropping temps.  The one thing this kind of weather does, is bring people together.

I’m not talking about the hundreds of car accidents because the roads are horrible, but the spirit of helping out your neighbor.  Whether it is helping someone get unstuck from the snow drifts, or shoveling more than just your own.

The last couple days I have had a running commentary in my mind.

I’m so grateful for our functional furnace, I’m so grateful for the food in the fridge, I’m so thankful I have a garage for my vehicle, I’m so thankful I work from home…I’m so grateful I don’t have to rely on public transport… and on and on…

Being grateful for the everyday can sometimes get overlooked, because what we have around us is normal.  Weather such as this helped to shift my perspective and the basic everyday things take on a new meaning.

What are you grateful for today?

What are you intentionally grateful for in the future?  I’m intentionally grateful for the forecast on Thursday, a mere 27C degree change on the plus side!

This was after shoveling a path twice


Sherry Trentini

As a Life and Grief Coach, my passion is helping women to let go of the past (thoughts, things, beliefs) to create space so they are able to re-envision and embrace their future!

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