I’ve been pretty much away from my desk for the last month.  I say pretty much since I wasn’t completely disconnected to the virtual world but 99% off the grid. (It was glorious by the way)

Since June 29th, I’ve traveled over 5000 kilometers or 3100 ish miles, and consumed 8 audio books while on the road.  Ironically, I had just been telling people how little I drive now, how infrequent I have to fill up my vehicle, then well the road trips happened.

It all started by taking a trip on the “Going to the Sun Road” through Glacier National Park in Montana.  If you ever get a chance to make that trip I HIGHLY recommend it.  Your eyes will strain to be wide enough trying to process the views.  Your mind will be blown by both the views and the dizzying heights. Your nose will explode with the intense smell of pine.  And you may white knuckle and clench a bit (or a lot) at the turns and proximity to the edge.  Suffice to say awestruck only begins to describe the trip.

A few days after we got home I set off solo to support a VIP to me and it was on that trip that I really tucked into the books I had in the queue, I predominately listen to business, self development, mindset, and books about the brain and here are some highlights .

I listened to a book which was narrated by the author and he was FIRED UP about setting goals 10X the size you normally do, contrarily I listened to a book which invites you to make Mini Habits in order to make big changes.

I was inspired by the stories within Sacred Success  and finally got around to the classic, Who Moved My Cheese,

I learned that out of the 10,000 bits of information our brain processes a second, of which only 50 bits is conscious.  WHAT THE WHAT??  Here is a visual: imagine a cup of white sugar holds the number of bits our brains process per second, 10 grains of that cup is conscious.  I’m still working on processing this concept.  Regardless, this information added further depth to a book about Mindless Eating.

I had a number of perspective shifts not to mention a bunch of LOL’s while listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k.  (FYI the book is plump with language as indicated by the title).  And I learned from and refreshed some possibility shifters from the Zander’s in The Art of Possibility.

I won’t get into any depth of the specific take away’s and bookmarks I’ve made in any of those books, (may save that for another time) because for all that I learned from these authors and their expertise, and I learned a lot… the biggest thing that resonated with me was hearing something a Mom of 3 littles said in response to hearing my plans for the following morning.

Me and my VIP to me were figuring out the plan for the following day, and I said that I was at her disposal and all that I had on my list was to

1.  Get coffee

2. Possibly work out

3.  Stop in for a browse at a store in the mall.

Her friend who was trying to do stuff in the kitchen amid a stream of chaos consisting of:  two one year olds, a couple or was it three 4 year olds, and a dog commented, I want your life“. 

My initial response was a smile,

then I laughed thinking about when this scenario was my reality

and said, “Hey, I’ve done my time.”

On the drive away back to my hotel that comment really stuck and like a pebble in a still pond it created a ripple.

Credit: Image from the Facebook page of nayyirah waheed

What a gift it is to get outside eyes on something you see all the time?


Its taking what is your normal for granted.

Its taking the everyday, the everybody, the everything we see, do, have etc in stride without a second glance.

And you know what, I concur with her observation.

I too, want my life. Every Single Second of it.

I am Living the Story I want to tell.

Has it been full of twists and turns,

laughter, tears, losses, gains,

adventure and tragedy,

trials, tribulation, exhalations, expansion and contraction,

Yes, Yes it has.

The best part is that I own it,

Because my life would look and feel a lot different if I allowed my story to own me.

And at times I’ve given it permission to do just that.

Those why me times, those times when I didn’t believe that life was happening for me not to me times.

Therein lies the nuance of the story that I’m living and telling & your story that you are living and telling.

Its part of our life.  Its the contraction part, the tears part, the twisty bits that we can’t make sense of in the moment and we recede.

Then comes the expansion part.

When we can, will and do

The I think I can, I think I can

We stand up and own each and every bit of it.

The I know I can, I know I can

Owning it.  Claiming it.  Learning from it. No regrets.

The tea cup I found on the very same trip reminds me to continue to own it.  To live it.  To create it.

You too can ponder…

Hmmmm……What shall I create in my story next?

What part of your story is owning you?

What is your Life Reclamation Project?

What is taking energy away from you owning your story fully?

It is possible that we hold onto life experiences that do not support us truly owning our past story, which in turn can impede us in moving into our future story.

I’d love the chance to have a chat with you to hear what it is you would like to reclaim and build on for your future.

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