There are times in your life when those around you can see what you need more clearly than you can.
I recently had one of those times and thankfully Sherry was my person. She saw the grief that I was still holding onto from my first marriage and knew that going through the grief process was what would allow me to experience life in a more vibrant and full way.
Although the process is not for the faint of heart, it is one that I believe is responsible for my life unfolding like the wings of a butterfly as she exits her cocoon. Without even realizing it, I had been protecting myself from past hurts. And still denying myself the fullness of the love in front of me.
With an overabundance of grace and compassion and love, Sherry held my hand as I looked at the truths of the past in a way that allowed me to forgive and to finally let go.
I am already seeing the effects of our work together. The self-confidence and worthiness that I was stripped of so long ago are being restored. And all because Sherry created a safe environment for me to process and ask questions and speak my truth in a way that I had not been able to before. 

What is the best thing you learned or gained from working with me?

The best thing I gained was seeing the patterns I was repeating from my parents, which I believe allowed me to heal my past as well as stop the patterns from being passed down to another generation.

How will you apply it or How will it change &/or improve your life?

Being able to process the grief and the pain is going to allow me to live my life in a much fuller and more vibrant way. It is going to allow me to love and nurture myself in the most beautiful of ways.

On a personal note, how did I as your coach make you feel during the process/our time together?

You made me feel safe and protected. Heard. Valued. Understood.

Describe how things were feeling and going for you before we started working together?

I was carrying a massive amount of grief from the death of 3 family members and a massive break-up with a long term boyfriend. I didn’t know where to go from there in an emotional sense which I found also affected my physical health and well-being as well. I dragged myself to and from work and School and found my motivation and usual zest for life was nowhere to be found. At the time, I didn’t know what kind of help I was seeking, but Sherry came into my life at coincidentally the most perfect time.

What happened for you during the process?

Sherry made me address things inside me I wasn’t even sure I had going on. She made me recognize my grief, not only from losing my family members but also the grief I was carrying after my breakup. But what is grief? I really had no idea either until Sherry shared with my her own experiences and made me recognize that this process and idea of grief is different for all us yet. Sometimes it takes someone else, another point of view, to open your eyes to exactly how those things are affecting you personally.

My intention is to help people feel lighter after doing the grief recovery work, does that describe you and your experience?

Absolutely. Although grief is emotional, I physically felt like I was carrying blocks of cement on my back and shoulders everyday. My body was physically falling apart as well, from the stress of these so called “weights”. Sherry really made me realize how the body and mind truly coincide; and once those feelings of grief are properly addressed, it’s truly miraculous how those heavy feelings start to slowly become less and less.

Why do you think this happened?

By facing grief and addressing that it is indeed what is weighing you down. I believe a large part of this is recognizing in the first place what exactly it is doing to the body and mind.

How would you describe how you feel now?

Although I feel my anxiety, grief and overall feelings of sadness and depression come in waves, I feel Sherry gave me the tools to deal with them first hand. And I always know she is there for me if I need a reminder of those things.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU sooooo much Sherry!!! I AM really excited to go on this journey! THANK YOU for giving me this clear pathway, I was so confused with how to get there but I fully admire the way you wrote out a whole document out just for me! Please carry on helping lots of people and I have to say that was FREE advice you gave me! Bless your heart and soul Sherry! I WILL always love you! THANK YOU so much again! I also wish there were more people like you who gave FREE advice but you are AMAZING!

Before I started working with Sherry, I felt very confused about what I really want from my career, and I wasn’t even sure on how to get clearer on my path. During our sessions with Sherry, I was able to reflect on where I feel the strongest in terms of my career. Sherry also offered to do some interesting ‘visualising’ and ‘breathing’ exercises that helped me to become more positive and opened to receiving a guidance (not only from Sherry, but from the Universe too! :))
At the moment, I’m still working on my career path, but I am so much clearer about where I am heading to, and I feel more energised about my work too.
Sherry is a very professional coach who, throughout our coaching, sent me notes that she took and typed out after each of our sessions, kept in touch with me even in-between the sessions just to see how I’m doing, and taught me how to become psychologically stronger and happier in my day-to-day living.
Finally, I would like to add, her enthusiasm is so infectious, you would be really full of energy after each of your sessions, to get on with achieving your plans and goals, there is no doubt about that!
~Elmira S.

Describe how things were going before we started working together?
I was frustrated that I hadn’t been able to build my mediation business, and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I was blaming myself for not having done enough and/or done the right things to build my business.
What did we do together in the sessions, in your words.
We talked about me and my business as having a relationship, almost like a relationship I might have with a person. I charted the ups and downs of my business, and then figured out what events I could apologize to myself or my business for things I’d done or not done, things I could forgive myself for my business for, and significant things I could appreciate myself for. Then I had this amazing session where I apologized, forgave, and appreciated.
What happened for you during the coaching?
I got a new way of looking at my business. And I had an amazing emotional experience and release during our last session. When I did my homework for that session, I thought I listed everything I could apologize, forgive, or appreciate. But in the moment of actually speaking my apologies, forgivenesses, and appreciations, I found a lot more. I found more ways to appreciate myself, and I reminded myself of the people that matter most to me and how much I love mediation; in working so hard to build my business, I’d forgotten that.
What happened after our time together?
At first, I was thinking less about the past and things  that bother me that I I have a hard time stopping thinking about. I’ve started up again, but I still remind myself to say “I have to go now. Goodbye.” A big thing I can do for myself is to focus on one thing at a time. Social media are attractive time wasters and distractors. 🙂
Why you think this happened?
That apologies, forgivenesses, and appreciation exercise was amazing. But doing it once isn’t enough for me (I’ve always had problems with excessive rumination).

Working with Sherry was very beneficial  to me. She taught me how to value happiness and encouraged me to find and bring more positive emotions into my life.  During our sessions I felt   warmth  and support from Sherry,— knowing that she cares meant a lot to me! I also had a very difficult time letting go of the past and Sherry  helped me to confront my negative thinking and focus on a  positive present and future.
~Alexandra B.

This workshop was extremely helpful for me and Sherry was amazing to work with!
She is extremely understanding and kind.
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for grief support, this has helped me a lot

I had the opportunity to contact Sherry when I was losing hope of selling our house.
Our house was on the market for over 3 years and just couldn’t find the right person. After speaking to Sherry she made me realize so many things and how I had been holding onto the house and refusing to let it go, deep down.
She guided me and gave me the steps I needed to do to let go and move onto better things and to attract the right buyer.
Within a few weeks of following her advice we had a buyer and everything went so smoothly. Couldn’t be happier with the help I received from sherry and thrilled I took the step in contacting her to help with my situation. 🙂
~K. H.

Sherry is a very cool coach. She has a deep understanding of personal growth.
I felt very supported and that she genuinely cared. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her validation is tangible.
It felt that her spiritual awareness helped to round out her capacity to “see” where I was going with a topic.
I enjoyed every session and was encouraged to continue forward.
~A. D.

Sherry provides practical insights as well as mindset growth.
Excellent guidance and approach that guarantees improvement!
Genuine passion and commitment.
Absolutely recommend to everyone 😀
~M. A.

I had the pleasure to be featured in an episode with fellow coach Liz Applegate on her podcast Midlife Schidlife.

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