An Uncomplicated Guide To Manifesting

Welcome to an uncomplicated guide to manifesting. Sometimes going back to the basics is the best thing you can do, stripping away all the layers to get back to the foundation and start fresh for what you want to manifest!

Let’s begin with a scenario…

Imagine yourself planting tulip bulbs in the autumn. You trust and have faith that in the spring the green stalks of the tulips will push their way through the earth and eventually bloom. Knowing there was some potential that the bulbs wouldn’t survive the winter, do you go out in January to dig them up and check if they are okay?

No, you didn’t. Because you believed that your flowers would grow. You were excited for them to come up in the spring, and you could imagine what your garden would look like full of tulips.

The Principles of Law of Attraction

These are three basic principles to engage for what you want to manifest: ask, believe and receive.

  1. Asking for what you want,
  2. Believing it will come,
  3. Being open to receive it.

Here is how those principles apply to growing tulips.

Asking For What You Want

You wanted tulips, so you planted tulips. You didn’t plant tulips expecting roses.

Keep it simple and succinct. The easier it is for you, the easier it will be for the Universe to conspire in your favour.

Key to Asking: Being clear, concise and specific about what it is you want to attract into your life is fundamental.

Believe It Will Come

Faith and belief can get fuzzy when we start to focus on ‘how’ what you want to manifest will come. That is where faith really comes into play.

Can you feel the difference between these trains of thought?

#1. The tulips I planted won’t come up. The squirrels are going to dig them up and eat them. I probably watered them to much and now they are rotten, maybe I planted them upside down. This was a waste of time and money on, I should have just bought rocks.

#2. These tulips are going to be beautiful. I can’t wait for spring. I’m so glad I decided to plant tulips!

There is a chance that the tulips won’t come up, however if you focus on that rather than believing that they will–feels a lot different.

Keep on Believing: Affirming your faith, that what you asked for is coming, (which may require patience), is the good energy for you & the Universe.

Open to Receive

Do you believe its better to give than to receive? Is there an imbalance between how it feels to give to others than to get?

Many people feel better when they give rather than receive.

Even in the deep freeze of January, being able to visualize what your garden will look like, with tulips aplenty– because you planted them upside up and they are just as anxious to bloom as you are to see that happen!

Key to Receive: Maintaining your connection to what you have asked for, energizing the belief that what you want is coming and being able to feel appreciation, excitement, elation, joy or whatever feeling that your request will bring you. Right NOW in the moment;

Those are the key ingredients for law of attraction alignment to and with what you wish to manifest.

Next Steps

Your Alignment

What does it mean to be in alignment? That is checking in with yourself with the feeling of having already received it. Take time to daydream or meditate on and visualize what you are wanting to manifest. Keeping that image and feeling alive of whatever you have asked for is coming and see it arrive.

Key to Alignment: Feel as if you have already received it.

Inspired Action

What are you inspired to do?

Listen to your inner voice of inspiration that supports what you are manifesting to arrive. Inspiration may come in a multitude of forms, be open to receiving those nudges and act on them if they feel good. Whether consciously or unconsciously perhaps you follow your intuition and buy fresh flowers (tulips or otherwise). Reinforcing and anchor to the feeling in advance for your tulips that will be coming.

So, what are you wanting to plant?

The tulip story may sound simplistic, yet it is a great way to think about whatever you want to manifest.
Consider your request to be a tulip bulb:

ASK: allow the planting to feel easy.
BELIEVE: trust in and allow nature to take its course.
RECEIVE: allow yourself to visualize the tulips NOW even though you just planted it.
ALIGNMENT: allow yourself to feel the joy, pleasure and gratitude NOW for your garden of tulips, each and every time you think of them but can not see them
INSPIRED ACTION: buy fresh tulips at the florist

Keep your manifesting Simple, Succinct and Be In Sync with your feel good energy!

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