Are Your Values and Goals Aligned?

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If you have ever experienced challenges in manifesting, in achieving your goals, or simply feel out of your own flow–perhaps it is time to revisit what you value in your life. Unlike goals which are set consciously — values are what run in the background or are subconscious, and if they aren’t in alignment, it can impact the results you get.

What are values?

Values are the things that you are willing to invest time, energy, and resources into, in order to achieve something or to avoid something. There are the things in your life that you want to achieve, and those would be considered ‘towards values’ since you are working towards achieving them.

If there is something you want to avoid, those would be referred to as ‘away from values’, essentially you are working towards never going to back to a state or experiencing something.

Like the operating system on your computer or phone, values run in the background of our lives and are essentially the “why you do what you do and want what you want”.


There is always a story behind the values we live our lives by. Sometimes we adopt values from other significant people in our lives. Other times we create values based on experiences, we have had.

And more importantly, we may have moved beyond or healed from a past chapter and/or are moving into a new phase of our lives, and the values we hold may not be in alignment anymore.

This is GOOD NEWS–because if what you are wanting to do, be or have, is not in sync with your values, it is possible that attainment will be more work and less reward than necessary.

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What are Beliefs?

If Values are the operating system, then Beliefs are the algorithm.

Your belief system supports your values, by which it qualifies what needs to be true in order for you to know whether you values are being honored or not.

For a visual explanation: Imagine that your values are a table top and your beliefs are the legs that hold the table up.

Your belief system is value’s teammate, and for years it was a coaching platform call to action to ‘change your belief system’, to better fit what you wanted to accomplish or manifest. However value realignment will affect your belief system to uphold what is truly important to you.

Goals vs. Values

Goals are made consciously.

Values and its counterpart Beliefs are unconscious.

The two can work together harmoniously when in alignment, and can create strife if they are not.

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Choosing a goal you want to achieve is the first decision you make. Then it also requires you to determine:

  1. How you are going to do the things that will move you towards the goal. Do you have the capabilities or do you need additional skills or equipment?
  2. What behaviors have to change and adapt in order to align with the goal?
  3. Is the environment that you need existing or do you need to create or find it, in order for you to take the action and run the behaviors?
  4. Then decide on time and energy investment, how does this fit into your calendar, what needs to change in order for you to have the time.

Unconsciously, if the VALUE that your goal would attache to is lower on or isn’t on your value list at all (which is possible), the where, what and how to achieve may be challenging to sustain. Since you are unconsciously choosing to invest your resources in values that rank higher. Those values take precedent, and that can compromise the ease in which your pursue goal and attaining your result.

Values + Goals

The good news rather GREAT NEWS is that once you have elicited your values you can see what is driving you, and if what you want isn’t there or isn’t a core part of what IS important to you now–YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!

This bears repeating..

YOU may have moved beyond or healed from a past chapter(s) and/or are moving into a new phase of your life, and the values that got you HERE may not be in alignment with the story you are writing for yourself going forward.

As you know, if you avoid doing an update on your phone or computer’s operating system, some or all of your apps don’t run properly!

Your values are the operating system of how you do you and bringing those from the unconscious to the conscious can shed light on why there have been glitches or freezing or things not working out.

Value (realignment) plus goals can be like putting the right two puzzle pieces together!

The insights you may have as a result of doing a values update, can be enlightening and empowering. While simultaneously feeling a sense of peace knowing that you aren’t working against yourself unconsciously.

Now What?!

Google will certainly be able to provide you with an abundance of resources for value elicitation. The challenge you can encounter is that your conscious mind may influence your responses because you think it should be important.

Or if you want to chat with me to learn more, have a discovery call, or to ask a quick question. Here is the link to do that.

If you want to jump right into a 60 minute session where I lead you through a value elicitation exercise, Book that here!

No matter what — Sending good vibes your way!


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