Reflection & Rejuvention20120131111000

Reflection & Rejuvention

Anyone who knows me learns quickly that I am not one to dip my toes into something to test the water.  I go with my “gut”and more oft...
Creating a New Normal20090803135400

Creating a New Normal

One of the most powerful mantras I’ve gone back to time and time again is, “What’s here for me to learn, about myself and others, that is not readily ...
Vacation Mode20080312142900

Vacation Mode

When is the last time you took a vacation? I mean the kind where you are not travelling to go to a conference, wedding, family event, or any other occ...
Good “Buys”…Good “Byes”20080109172900

Good “Buys”…Good “Byes”

If you have gone shopping since Christmas you know that there are some good “buys” out there that are not easy to pass up. Perhaps your shopping bags ...