How To Fold A Fitted Sheet20170531212747

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

  I re-posted this image on my personal Facebook page and many of my friends could relate to the humor. Why?  Because we have all been there. She...
Gratitude for the Everyday20170207143715

Gratitude for the Everyday

At this very moment it is -27C (-16.6F) outside.  Because that is the way Mother Nature rolls in Western Canada.  Its really hard to generate a feelin...
Creating Sanctuary with Helen Joy Butler20170119163524

Creating Sanctuary with Helen Joy Butler

Helen Joy Butler is an Intuitive Professional Organizer, Elemental Space Clearer®, Author and Educator.  Through creating sanctuary Helen brings about...


I did a big clean and de-clutter last week in my house.  As much as it was impromptu its pretty common for me to do so, annually, right after the girl...