How To Survive Grief and Loss20190327184201

How To Survive Grief and Loss

From July 2009 onwards, I know I typed ‘How to Survive Grief and Loss’ into my search engine, numerous times. I had a countless number of people volun...
Owning What Feels Heavy20190308203615

Owning What Feels Heavy

  Based on the contents of the emotional backpack that you are carrying…who’s names are on those rocks or what would you call them? A...
Grief on Vacation20190123184949

Grief on Vacation

Grief doesn’t take vacations.  Even if you do. After spending the first part of January on a beach vacation I met a lot of amazing people, and a...
When the words are stuck20171213000754

When the words are stuck

You know they want to say something. You can sense they are hurting and that the words they want to say are hurting them by staying inside. You want t...