Give Yourself an “A”20170909204101

Give Yourself an “A”

When is the last time you were graded?  Do you remember what it felt like to get an “A” on work that you handed in?  Can you still feel wh...
Destination: Happy Place20170425174828

Destination: Happy Place

I am not certain when we stopped using the term “Happy Place“, in our language.   Regardless, the bigger question is, have we also stopped...
Building My Foundation for 201720170112225900

Building My Foundation for 2017

You may be thinking I’m a little late to the party by doing a post on setting intentions for the new year and well its mid January? I don’...
Clarity Alchemy with Anne Bolender20161229200458

Clarity Alchemy with Anne Bolender

Anne Bolender is a Martha Beck trained Life Coach, a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a Certified Intuition Coach, a Reiki Master, and a Certified R...