Vacation Mode20080312142900

Vacation Mode

When is the last time you took a vacation? I mean the kind where you are not travelling to go to a conference, wedding, family event, or any other occ...
Permission Granted20080110171200

Permission Granted

In my opinion, one of the most visually stimulating and poignant clips in the movie, The Secret, is when they show a seed sprouting underground and it...
Good “Buys”…Good “Byes”20080109172900

Good “Buys”…Good “Byes”

If you have gone shopping since Christmas you know that there are some good “buys” out there that are not easy to pass up. Perhaps your shopping bags ...
Two by Two20080106154900

Two by Two

My goal this week was to visualize my scale showing 2 pounds less than my initial weigh in last week, and voila I DID IT! Those 2 pounds put me into t...