Self Help Blocks

Self Help Blocks

The evolution of the Self-Help Genre has continued to be a game changer. My first trip to the bookstore to load up on all the books that would “fix” my life and problems was over 30 years ago. In the last three decades I have consumed a lot of self help and self development information in that time.

The idea that I could go to a bookstore buy a book and read it or skim it, or hope for osmosis, then apply or not apply the information all with the intention that ‘I could fix myself’ can have the opposite affect in my experience.

I recently came across a list I had created of the books I’ve read, and in reflection can see that I bought multiple books from multiple authors in search of the tip, technique or wisdom, to fix the same issue.

Asking for help has never been my super power and I know that, however when I embarked on my Life Reclamation Project: Me last year I did just that. It wasn’t just one person but seven. Just like I bought multiple books I needed different perspectives and expertise.

In this episode, I share what I have come to learn as two of my biggest blocks to doing the work I needed to do in order to create space and feel lighter.

Letting Go of the Past to Clear the Path to the Future

Letting Go of the Past to Clear the Path to the Future

I saw a lot of social media posts at the start of 2019 referring to 2018 as being a tough one. I would concur. 2017 was wrapping up on a very high note, yet my intuition kept telling me that something about this was off for me.

I couldn’t shake it.

So I took a step back, despite how others may feel.

When a not so awesome event dredges up old stuff from your life its also not awesome but not uncommon; but when a positive event acts like a tripwire I knew it was time to clean things up.

2018 was a year of letting go of stuff I had been packing around for a lifetime. The emotional baggage I had a strong emotional tether attached to needed my attention, the time was ripe. Coupled with the fact that I had a milestone birthday in December 2018, I knew it was stuff that was not serving me and I didn’t want to bring it forward into my new decade.

Sometimes dealing with past stuff is akin to cleaning your oven racks. Lots of hard work, time, scrubbing and getting the right tools and support to be successful.

Untangling yourself from past relationships, experiences, stuff etc can take a lot of effort, but choosing to release the attachments so that you can move forward feeling lighter is powerful and empowering.


What have you let go of that has impacted you positively?

What are you holding onto that you feel would make a difference in you life if you let go?

I can help you with that, shall we chat?

Identifying your values

Identifying your values


Are your values aligned with what you have resolved, intended or set as goals for yourself in 2018?

Here is a quick exercise about finding your values and why its important!

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Affirmations You Use them Everyday, Even if you don’t realize it – Video Podcast

Affirmations You Use them Everyday, Even if you don’t realize it – Video Podcast

I am hands down a HUGE fan of positive affirmations.

Whether you are know it or not, affirmations are a part of your thoughts daily.  An affirmation is the action or process of affirming something, essentially stating it as fact.

Therefore, if you are stating as fact, “I don’t want to go to work” or “I hate my job” or “All is well in my world”, you are affecting change and possibly not all positive.

Want some Tips for creating powerful affirmations? CLICK HERE


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Defining Relationships – Video Podcast

On my intro episode of my podcast I shared that a Life Reclamation Project was about the untangling of the relationships with someone or to something to help you create space and have a lighter feeling future.

Relationship to a someone can be obvious:  Your spouse, an ex-spouse, a family member, friend, colleague etc.

Relationship to something can include:  your financial situation, your career, moving, phases of your life etc.

When I refer to a Life Reclamation Project – its about the letting go of and moving beyond the life experience(s) that still have a strong emotional tether to, of the heavy and not awesome variety.

Those emotional tethers can act as a filter in which we view our lives, our past, present & future, and can affect how we cultivate new experiences and relationships.

The work I do is to help you communicate what you wanted more, better or different from the relationship or life experience.  To help you let go of the things you are holding onto.

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