Clearing My Mind By Clearing Clutter

I did a big clean and declutter last week in my house.  Its like refreshing and rebooting the energy in our home. Not only does the house benefit, but there is a definite connection to clearing my mind by clearing clutter.

Its as much my circadian rhythm but hardly limited to being seasonal.

Spring cleaning in anticipation of warmer weather; fall cleaning in anticipation of spending more time indoors.

The one thing I’ve always felt is that when I get engrossed in doing a physical declutter I always am able to declutter things that are on my mind.  After taking nearly two weeks of holidays, I came back to my desk with an abundance of ideas and inspiration.

However, when my good thoughts + good energy turn into too many thoughts and begin to breed not so good energy I stop.

I heeded my inner voice, advising me to stay away from my computer and redirect my focus on my home. Essentially clearing my mind by clearing clutter.

Can Decluttering Be Meditation?

I’ve always likened my experience of doing a big clean as meditative or meditation-like.

Meditation is a word that has come to be used loosely and inaccurately in the modern world. That is why there is so much confusion about how to practice it. Some people use the word meditate when they mean thinking or contemplating; others use it to refer to daydreaming or fantasizing. However, meditation (dhyana) is not any of these.

Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state. It is the means for fathoming all the levels of ourselves and finally experiencing the center of consciousness within. ~~excerpt from Yoga International

I stand corrected.

Regardless, I know inherently that doing something physical, practical, and usually mundane, allows me to clear my mind.

For too many years to count, it has been my go-to way to clear my mind and quiet my mental chatter.

It gets me back to my core. It grounds me.

I can feel the meditation like benefits while:

  • staring out at the horizon,
  • gazing at scenery on a road trip (as a passenger of course),
  • hand washing dishes,
  • ironing clothes,
  • watching a mindless television,
  • walking the dog,
  • pulling weeds in the garden,
  • organizing my pantry
  • vacuuming
  • and during a run. 

Time passes and you are only being present in that moment and paying attention to the task at hand.

I’ve found nothing associating dusting shelves to being transcendental. Regardless, my sure fire way to clear my mind is by clearing something literally.  Effectively getting me out of a mental dominant state by getting physical.

Decluttering For Mental Clarity

When the mind begins to spin with abundant, thoughts and ideas it can feel overwhelming. Too much information to process simultaneously and you the harder you try to control it, the more it goes out of control.

Some people get their answers or inspiration when they break away from their task and jump into the shower. Its like hitting pause or stop and switching gears to do something completely unrelated to whatever you were engrossed in trying to figure out.

When we redirect our focus and energy into something positive, soothing, productive, joyful, playful or peaceful, in the short term, often we can return to what we were challenged by with a mental clarity and an easy feeling.

We are able to see more or feel more clearly about what we were musing about before. And likely the rhetoric that was cluttering things up in the first place, has drifted away.

Quieting the mental chatter in whatever positive way that you are attracted to is a healthy, in all ways.

One of my favorite ways is to look at and be in my zen feeling back yard, definitely puts me into my happy place. which may not make the list of definitions under meditation, but its meditation lite for me 🙂


Garden buddha with candles
Clearing my mind by looking at and being in out in my zen feeling garden.


Need help with decluttering your mind or your home? I’d love to help you!


Sherry Trentini

As a Life & Grief Coach, I love helping people let go the hard stuff to make room and create the good stuff. I have a healthy respect for the resistance to letting things go, while knowing the liberation that comes from doing just that. I am all about helping you navigate through and towards your future. Additionally, I'm a gratitude junkie, a decluttering advocate and loves to do burpees as exercise!

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