Think about a fresh lemon?

You probably wouldn’t have much trouble conjuring up an image.

What if I asked you to visualize and describe the sensory experience of holding the lemon, slicing a lemon, smelling the lemon, then putting a slice into your mouth.  There is a strong chance that you would begin to salivate at the thought, and even think that you can smell lemons.

How cool is our brain to be able to create that experience for us, without a lemon in our reach.


Pop Quiz time!

If I were to ask you to think about and describe your life today, what is the image that pops into your mind?  How would you describe your sensory experience of your life?

Does it feel the way you wanted?  How about taste, sound, and smell the way you intended?

If I were to ask you to think about what you wanted and or want in your life, how different from your initial image is that?  How easy or hard is it for you to visualize that?

Now go ahead and describe the sensory experience associated with that image.

What are you doing?  Where are you?

What do you hear?

What can you smell and taste?

What do you think about your life?

How does your life feel?  How do YOU feel about YOUR life?


I believe that you can choose where you invest your thought energy.


Coaching can help you de-clutter the overwhelm about “Where do I start?” and support you in dialing into what you deliberately want to create in your life.

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Before I started working with Sherry, I felt very confused about what I really want from my career, and I wasn’t even sure on how to get clearer on my path. During our sessions with Sherry, I was able to reflect on where I feel the strongest in terms of my career. Sherry also offered to do some interesting ‘visualising’ and ‘breathing’ exercises that helped me to become more positive and opened to receiving a guidance (not only from Sherry, but from the Universe too! :))
At the moment, I’m still working on my career path, but I am so much clearer about where I am heading to, and I feel more energised about my work too.

Sherry is a very professional coach who, throughout our coaching, sent me notes that she took and typed out after each of our sessions, kept in touch with me even in-between the sessions just to see how I’m doing, and taught me how to become psychologically stronger and happier in my day-to-day living.

Finally, I would like to add, her enthusiasm is so infectious, you would be really full of energy after each of your sessions, to get on with achieving your plans and goals, there is no doubt about that!

Elmira S.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU sooooo much Sherry!!!

I AM really excited to go on this journey! THANK YOU for giving me this clear pathway,

I was so confused with how to get there but I fully admire the way you wrote out a whole document out just for me!

Please carry on helping lots of people and I have to say that was FREE advice you gave me! Bless your heart and soul Sherry!

I WILL always love you! THANK YOU so much again! I also wish there were more people like you who gave FREE advice but you are AMAZING!


Working with Sherry was very beneficial  to me. She taught me how to value happiness and encouraged me to find and bring more positive emotions into my life.  During our sessions I felt   warmth  and support from Sherry,— knowing that she cares meant a lot to me! I also had a very difficult time letting go of the past and Sherry  helped me to confront my negative thinking and focus on a  positive present and future. Alexandra B.

Sherry provides practical insights as well as mindset growth.

Excellent guidance and support that guarantees improvement.

Genuine passion and commitment! Absolutely recommended to everyone 😀


Sherry is a very cool coach. She has a deep understanding of personal growth.

I felt very supported and that she genuinely cared.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and her validation is tangible. It felt that her spiritual awareness helped to round out her capacity to “see” where I was going with a topic.

I enjoyed every session and was encouraged to continue forward.


I loved my sessions with Sherry!

She offered some great insight and suggestions that have helped me make great strides towards attracting and living the life I’ve always wanted. She provided detailed recaps of our calls that has allowed me the opportunity to refer to our notes from time to time if I need a mental refresher.

Overall I’d definitely recommend scheduling some time with her!


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