You + Your Life


Are there parts of you and your life that, despite all of your DIY efforts, continue to feel heavy and keep you feeling stuck?


you couldn’t DIY it all because you kept pretending you weren’t that hurt?

But deep down live the parts of you that…

want more,

want to feel more,

want to be more like yourself,

but as quickly as that vibe comes,

some part of you shuts it down.

Stay with me here

I don’t know your history and what happened to you. And I don’t know how many times you had to put your own needs aside and Be Strong for others and yourself.

And I don’t know how many times you weren’t okay. But I do know that it didn’t feel okay for you to ask for help–

because you help others, not the other way around

That history taught you to believe that this is the way life is,

the way your life is . . .

and wanting something more, better, or different for yourself and your life is simply not gonna happen– because look at all the evidence you have in your past!
I get that
Hey, we both know that we can’t go back into the past and undo all of the things. But, I do know it’s possible to reclaim the emotional energy that is tangled up and entwined in those things. Tending to your own emotional needs may feel foreign and might even feel self-indulgent, but seriously–You + Your Life are worth it! And you wouldn’t have read this far if there wasn’t a part of you that didn’t think so too.
You are not another do-it-yourself project.​
And this, working together, is no DIY approach!

Within The Life Reclamation Project you will

Work with me if:

Transformation does not start with someone else changing you; transformation is an inner self reworking of what you are now to what you will be.

This is not for you if:

My superpower is helping women, with their hard and heavy life stuff,
so they can reclaim that energy and move forward lighter!

Take the next small step forward – For you.
Even if you are not sure.

Simply book a free call with me, to learn more.

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