When the words are stuck

You know they want to say something. You can sense they are hurting and that the words they want to say are hurting them by staying inside. You want to say something.  You want to have the right words and say them with the right voice to invite them to say...

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Give Yourself an “A”

When is the last time you were graded?  Do you remember what it felt like to get an "A" on work that you handed in?  Can you still feel what it felt like or would have felt like to receive such a prestigious mark in school? Things have changed a lot since...

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Live The Story You Want To Tell

I've been pretty much away from my desk for the last month.  I say pretty much since I wasn't completely disconnected to the virtual world but 99% off the grid. (It was glorious by the way) Since June 29th, I've traveled over 5000 kilometers or 3100 ish miles, and...

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How to fold a fitted sheet

I re-posted this image on my personal Facebook page and many of my friends could relate to the humor. Why?  Because we have all been there. Sheets coming out of the dryer... You either grab the flat one or the pillowcases to fold first, because they never give you any...

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