Live The Story You Want To Tell

Live The Story You Want To Tell

I've been pretty much away from my desk for the last month.  I say pretty much since I wasn't completely disconnected to the virtual world but 99% off the grid. (It was glorious by the way) Since June 29th, I've traveled over 5000 kilometers or 3100 ish miles, and...

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How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet

I re-posted this image on my personal Facebook page and many of my friends could relate to the humor. Why?  Because we have all been there. Sheets coming out of the dryer... You either grab the flat one or the pillowcases to fold first, because they never give you any...

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Destination: Happy Place

I am not certain when we stopped using the term "Happy Place", in our language.   Regardless, the bigger question is, have we also stopped going there? Your Happy Place was a scenario you created in your mind that you could conjure up with less and less effort the...

The Cost of “I’m Fine”

I've been working on a 13" laptop for 2 years now, the technology is brilliant however the position I have to assume in order to type this blog article or anything has become progressively more detrimental to my body. My personal trainer, my chiropractor, my body guru...

Embracing Sensitivity with Suzanne Wigginton

Embracing Sensitivity   Listen to my interview with my special guest, Suzanne Wigginton Highly sensitive AND highly driven, Suzanne Wigginton shows up to life as a natural healer, a personal path specialist, sacred energy shifter, Reiki teacher, essential oil...

Gratitude for the Everyday

At this very moment it is -27C (-16.6F) outside.  Because that is the way Mother Nature rolls in Western Canada.  Its really hard to generate a feeling of gratitude for the weather outside, when you can't feel your face, feet, hands etc...after only a couple minutes....

Sending Light

In the last couple months I've burned more candles than I have in a long time.  I started lighting them as a symbolic way to hold space for people in my life, when things or times are challenging.  It may not seem like much at first glance, but the significance is in...

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