You + Your Grief


Hey, I don’t know what loss or losses that you’ve experienced. 

And frankly, it’s hard to write about grief without sounding like it’s focused on losing someone by death  or ending a relationship. So I wrote a blog post with an incomplete list of grief  events that you can read.

This may very well be the 137th time you’ve searched online for an article, a resource or some beacon of hope to help you with the erratic jumble of feelings that you’re having. 

When my husband died I know how destabilizing grief was for me. Less than five months later when my own father died I had a completely different experience with grief, which at the time I didn’t know was normal. 

Your complex and likely conflicting emotions that you may be having are normal as well- that’s grief. And it’s natural to grieve the loss of the relationship to someone or something when it ends. No one is immune to feeling grief in their lifetime and even though it’s being talked and written about more, grief and loss continues to be one of the most neglected and misunderstood human experiences.

And Why Is That?

Because grief is messy, daunting and confrontational. When someone is grieving we want them to feel better and there’s no guaranteed way to help them do that.

Why aren’t they better yet?

Why are they acting the way they do?

When will they be over it?

Grief is a part of life,

And if you’re the one grieving you may be asking those questions of yourself–

Why aren’t I better yet?

Why am I acting the way I am?

When will I be over it?

Which may have you acting as if you don’t feel bad…but you do. Then isolating yourself to grieve alone when you can’t act as if you are okay. Or bypassing how you’re feeling so that you can show a brave face and be strong for others. All the while hoping the old adage that ‘time heals all wounds’ is true, yet you want (need) to know the exact time you’ll be healed so you can get on with your life. And in the meantime you keep yourself busy–doing all of the things and more because being busy keeps you from feeling.

but it doesn't have to be your life.

I want you to know that–

YOU are not broken and it’s okay to not be okay right now, while simultaneously wanting to be okay–right now.

Within The Life Reclamation Project you will

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We cannot heal in isolation, healing happens when we come into safe experiences of connection.

Take the next small step forward – For you.
Even if you are not sure.

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