Tips, Strategies & Hope For Navigating The Grieving Process

How To Survive Grief and Loss

From July 2009 onwards, I know I typed ‘How to Survive Grief and Loss’ into my search engine, numerous times. I had a countless number of people volunteering their answer to that question, despite the fact that I hadn’t asked it aloud.You see my husband...

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Owning What Feels Heavy

Based on the contents of the emotional backpack that you are carrying...who's names are on those rocks or what would you call them? Are you naming them for an experience, for a person, for an overall theme or feeling? When you think of the contents, if you...

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Self Help Blocks

The evolution of the Self-Help Genre has continued to be a game changer. My first trip to the bookstore to load up on all the books that would "fix" my life and problems was over 30 years ago. In the last three decades I have consumed a lot of self help...

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Grief on Vacation

Grief doesn't take vacations.  Even if you do. After spending the first part of January on a beach vacation I met a lot of amazing people, and a lot of those people were grieving.  There was grief over health, loss of a loved one, divorce and someone who was carrying...

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Identifying your values

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Are your values aligned with what you have resolved, intended or set as goals for yourself in 2018? Here is a quick exercise about finding your values and why its important! Audio only available on      

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