Letting Go Of The Past
Creating Space To Move Forward


" I'M FINE... "

Hey, I hear you …

The past is the past. Right.

What happened happened. 

Don’t look back, that’s not the direction I am going.

I don’t disagree with any of those saying, because hey they can help you stay on track without having to reflect on why the hell some of the same things keep popping up over & over again.

…but … what triggers them to pop up?  Is it possible that ignoring them and pushing them down or aside is a way to keep attached to them?

Personally, my fave was to react with anger and annoyance when those things  popped up.  Converting them to  fuel to charge through life like a bull in a china shop.

And that worked, and felt temporarily empowering to do so…until it didn’t because its exhausting.  Despite hoping those things would go away and doing something about them are — well — 2 very different things.

Because what you resist persists…



“I don’t need help, I can do it myself”.

Cool.  Yup, again I’m with you on this.

You’ve consulted with Dr. Google, read books, talked to your bestie, tried to stuff all this “stuff” back into their compartments and closed the door, locked it and threw away the key.

Can I ask, because I’m curious, what “stuff” is it?

From the outside looking in, all is well in your world.  Nobody in your ecosystem would have a sniff that there is something amiss.  You are hard working, busy, determined and driven.  What could possibly be the problem?

Its not the people cheering you on, its not your circle of family and friends who are supporting you.  Because nobody but you hears the nearly inaudible voice in your head.  The one that faintly whispers crap about not being, doing or having enough, not being worthy yada yada and other BS.

You KNOW this is not true, yet, there it is…repeating like a mantra, and is so compelling that it can skew how you see You + Your Life.


Therapy or counseling may look at the past to excavate the “how & why” you are at this place in the present moment.  My coaching reflects on your past to learn what you are holding onto that is impeding your present and future.

The best way to find out is for us to have a chat.  And by that I mean a ‘no sales-y’ conversation about:   what you want to work on, why you want to work on it and whether we have a connection that feels good!

Letting Go of anything can generate feelings of fear, anxiety, powerlessness.  This process isn’t about “ripping off the band-aid” and you having to “suck it up”.  I’m on your team, I am with you every step of the way, as we navigate this together.

You + Your Life’s story is as unique to you as mine is to me.  If you desire transformation, if your desire is to feel lighter and to reclaim your life – – that my friend is where our connection and our stories convene.



I offer coaching programs that are created to suit you. The first step in determining how best for us to work together starts with your Free Discovery Call.