The Life Reclamation Project

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The Life Reclamation Project

I’m curious about something, how easy are you making it for yourself, to move towards what you want in your life?

I’m not talking specifically about the new car or new relationship or a vacation, rather the feelings that are associated with whatever goals you have set for yourself.   For example:  love, joy, freedom, adventure, fun, happy, success, passion, security.

When we are creating change by making resolutions or goals or intentions, is it possible that those goals, which may be new for you, are re-cycled or up-cycled based on reclaiming how you felt when you had them before or how having them make you feel?

Whether its clients, colleagues or friends, what I’m hearing & know to be true for myself is… what we are focusing our attention on bringing into our lives is a reclamation project.

Whatever material thing or experience we have in our mind’s eye may hold the essence or feeling state of what we have lost connection to and want to reconnect with.

That’s the foundation of my coaching.

Our lives are a work in progress, filled with ongoing projects: career, home, health, family, self, finances, parenting, friends, learning, growing, moving, staying, to name a few.  There are a lot of moving parts in our lives.

Not everything that we encounter as we go forward is positive and those life experiences that have impacted us in a not so awesome way can linger and act as a filter in which we view our lives and everything within it.

It all boils down to relationships.

Our relationship with someone or our relationship to something, that you wanted something more from, or better or something different than what you got.


What relationship or life experience has a strong emotional tether to it, that is lingering within and feels heavy?


And that can still affect you today, as if it just happened.

You know inherently that letting it go would feel so much better and you could reclaim the space that its been taking up.

I should have… said this or that, done this or that

I shouldn’t have… said or done or …..


It’s hard work.  It’s life changing work.  It’s worthwhile.



Life coaches focus on areas that they know the best and have been through themselves.

I’m no different.

This is the work that I love.

A Life Reclamation Project is the …


Untangling of those relationships with someone or to something.
Reclaiming the energy of your life that has been put on hold; yet therein lies an inkling, a spark, a connection to.
To rejuvenate and reawaken your life to flourish overall.
The excavation of what lies within, turning the soil in order to cultivate the life that feels like you, looks like you and supports who you are becoming.  ~Sherry Trentini

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