E001 – Introduction

I’ve been musing and researching myself to distraction and avoidance about doing a podcast.  I LOVE listening to audio books and podcasts for a mutitude of reasons.  Today was the day.

The Life Reclamation Society Podcast is the community I’m intending to create for those undertaking their unique Life Reclamation Projects.

I state on my home page that “The very thing you are holding onto may be the very thing holding you back.”  A Life Reclamation Project is about untangling those relationships with someone or to something in order to create space and a lighter feeling future.

Your project could be about the shoulds you are holding onto…

I should have…

I shouldn’t have…

If I would have…

I could have…

Those unmet hopes, dreams and expectations about your life may be depleting your energy and holding you back.

This podcast is going to cover a variety of topics not all heavy.

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E002 – Changing the “should” energy

How many times do you “should” on yourself?

In my opinion, when we start a sentence or statement with “I should”, we are entering the grey area in between Yes and No.  In this 5 minute episode I share one of my fave books I’ve read this year that may be a good resource for moving from the should energy to doing it.

Also, how I thank “should” thoughts when they come through in order to let them go, and if they stick, how I qualify them with inquiry.

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