Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour

How timely that I received a question about paint colour, while the painters are busy doing exactly that while I type this!


Colour plays an important part in our lives.  It affects how we shop, eat and feel.  We can have an emotional connection to colours, take a look at your closet, there is most likely a theme.
We surround ourselves with the colours that we are most positively attracted to, and even those that we are neutral about.  Those neutral colours may be ones we have had to make peace with, if we are limited to changing them, think of your office.
When we are decorating our homes or other spaces that we spend a lot of time in, colour can add to, support, deplete and even take away from our energy.  We can seek guidance from an interior decorator and other sources to empower, reflect and support who we are through colour.
The Feng Shui Bagua Map and the elements can also be a resource if we are wanting to add to the energy of our space.
Each life area has a colour associated with it, and by laying the Bagua map onto your floor plan, to paint your home in this way may appear and make you feel as if you lived in a Rubik’s cube.  Most likely not the ideal palate choice for most.

Colours Associated with Life Areas

Wealth and Prosperity:  Blues, Purples and Reds
Fame and Reputation:  Reds
Love and Relationships:  Reds, Pinks and White
Health and Family:  Blues and Greens
Center:  Yellows, Oranges and Browns
Children and Creativity:  White and Pastels
Knowledge and Self Cultivation:  Black, Blues and Green
Career:  Black, Burgundy, Chocolate and Navy
Helpful People and Travel:  White, Black and Greys
The life areas surrounding the Center, blend into each other and share similar hues.   Your interpretation and association to the colour and of the shade and intensity is what also adds to the energy.
For example:  I always associate Wealth and Prosperity or Gratitude with Purple.  Why?  I LOVE Purple!  Purple to me is regal, rich looking, elegant and its been my fave colour since well birth.

Know this:  If the area of your home has a Feng Shui association with colours that you have an aversion to, then painting it in that range will detract from the energy you were intending to infuse the space with, because at the end of the day YOU who live in the space are NOT attracted to it.

Colours Associated with Elements

Wood – Blues and Greens (columnar/stripes/objects made of wood)
Fire – Red (candles/triangles/cones/lighting/sunlight)
Earth – Yellows, oranges and Browns (squares/rectangles/art featuring terrain)
Metal – White and Pastels (circles/ovals/arches/rocks/metal objects)
Water – Black, Burgundy, Chocolate and Navy (asymmetrical shapes/ponds/glass/mirror)
To learn more about the elements I invite you to read HERE
You can also add those by incorporating shapes which helps with the controlling or nourishing cycle of the elements overall.
In my opinion, if you absolutely love a particular colour, it feels good to be surrounded by it that in itself uplifts and supports your energy and that of your space.
We can get too caught up by “thinking” about it and processing all the information out there.  Remember to follow your intuition, what speaks to you?
Also, remember its just paint…it is a relatively easy fix, change and modification to any space.
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Sherry Trentini

As a Life & Grief Coach, I love helping people let go the hard stuff to make room and create the good stuff. I have a healthy respect for the resistance to letting things go, while knowing the liberation that comes from doing just that. I am all about helping you navigate through and towards your future. Additionally, I'm a gratitude junkie, a decluttering advocate and loves to do burpees as exercise!

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