Self Love – I feel good when I …?


How would you fill in your blank?

The question came to me the other day when I was feeling congested and headache-y and realized that rather than doing something to alleviate it I was simply feeling it more and more.

In that instance, I asked myself, “How can I help myself feel better?” but seriously in reality I asked, “Where is my Advil and why haven’t I taken any yet?”

[Where was the easy button when I needed it]

Self Care are the actions that we use to express our Self Love.

Self Care is not selfish;


it is the quintessential ingredient to cultivating and maintaining the quality of your life!

Case in point:

There is quite a cache of vitamin supplements in my pantry.  I even go so far as to portion them out to make taking them easier.  So why is it that there are times which turn into days when I simply ignore them, despite the fact that they are there?

I’ve made it easy, they are ready to go, yet grabbing a packet and taking them feels like too much work!!

I’m not saying that taking vitamin supplements is the magical bullet of Self Care – What I am saying is that the things we do to support our selves in body/mind/spirit that work behind the scenes to help us feel good overall.

Case in point #2:

The past 8 days in my world can best be understood by watching this video


Suffice to say that it is a clip of a skier having to repeatedly recover mogul after mogul to regain his balance; and when I watched it on social media I immediately identified with how it felt!

Self Care for me meant choosing to do things that helped me to feel grounded, not flailing down a ski hill.  So that meant I opted to focus on things that help me clear my head.  For me that was cleaning the kitchen, some housework, and making myself a cup of hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream on top and sat down and drank it.

Granted doing housework may not be everyone’s go to, however the state of affairs in my kitchen was contributing to my imbalance by becoming a mogul that I had to negotiate.

Sometimes it is doing the tasks that we can control the outcome of that allows our head to clear.  It works for me.

As for the hot chocolate… that was for comfort.  Grasping the warm cup, the fragrance of the chocolate, the contrast of hot liquid and cool cream.  Ahhhhh  Relief!

But mostly choosing to take the time to have the experience, not trying to multi task or do anything other than to drink the cocoa from start to finish.

How can you Fill in Your Blank today; and in order to  Fill up your Self Love Tank…?


Whatever it is…You get to Choose!

cup of hot chocolate
cup of hot chocolate

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