Yang: Water Earth Metal; Yin Wood Fire Assessment

Yang: Water Earth Metal; Yin Wood Fire Assessment

In the 5 element image above we can see that Water is the dominant element, Earth and Metal are also Yang (or what we show to the world).  Wood and Fire are the internal or inner Yin elements.
The water total is 12 points greater than the next closest of Earth.  When we have too much water energy it may manifest in being overwhelmed or overwhelming others.  Flood of emotion and or white rapid ride.  Your Wood number is 38 less than Water so you may be having a difficult time getting things going.  Your ideas, inspiration and seeds are drowning rather than growing.
Earth’s archetype is fertile soil.  It is the accountability of what we do and say.  The earth number is Yang (greater than 72) yet in this instance with too little earth to control the Water you may be feeling precarious and floating.
Metal, another Yang element in this instance, may still present by way of procrastination. You may be in too deep of water to be able to focus, communicate clearly and convert your acumen into clarity.
To control water when it is dominant is to add Earth.
What do you do or what could you do to make yourself feel more grounded and centered.  Are there things that you could let go of, busymaking, that would allow you to slow the flow down?
Yin is the inner and the details, your yin elements are Wood & Fire.
When the wood element is overwhelmed by the flow of water it may be keeping you from branching out.  Again I would invite you to find a way to look at things from a practical standpoint and see where you may benefit from decluttering.
Fire is leadership, speaking words, and emotion.  I would suggest you to observe when you are saying no to something are you saying yes to yourself; when you are saying yes to something are you saying no to yourself.  Fire burns the wood which turns into earth.  
Notice how you are communicating and as above; look for the contrasts in your choices.
Your assessment is one where the word “busy” keeps running through my mind.  I also invite you to pause and be present.

Yang Wood and Fire: Yin Earth, Metal and Water

Yang Wood and Fire: Yin Earth, Metal and Water

This 5 Element assessment
results show a relative balance in all the elements; as in not an extreme
variance for any particular one. 
Wood is the Yang Element; Fire is the next dominant element.
Yin is Earth, Water and Metal.

Wood is intuition,
knowledge, inspiration and action.  When
wood is in balance we will trust the process.

consumes Earth, which is indicative in the totals shared above.  Too much wood can be Type A personality; a
lot of things happening but not enough gain; lots of work not enough pay.

Fire is the
emotional element; it is communication (words), touch, life, spark, excitement.  This is connected to Fame and Reputation or
Community.  It is defined as Integrity,
true to self and how we are viewed by others.

The results of the assessment show that there is plenty of wood to keep the fire burning and Fire creates Earth, yet in this instance Earth is the lowest or most yin of the elements.

It may be possible that you are full of ambition, lots of great ideas and are inspired to share.  You can communicate effectively, your ideas spark interest and yet the seeds of your inspiration may not have enough Earth in order to sprout, take root and begin to grow.

In any garden there are times when you have to control the growth.  Culling weeds or runts from your plantings.  Perhaps it may serve you to look at your “garden or forest”, stand in a place of observation and see what you can nourish to truly take root and harvest and preserve the others for another planting cycle?  

Adding Metal:
The element
of Metal is used to control Wood as a Dominant Element.  (Metal cuts Wood.)

Too little
Metal can impact one’s ability to focus, stay on task, lack determination thru
procrastination, forgetting, and avoidance. 
The ability
to generate many ideas, however, needing to cull the forest in order for those
ideas to take root in the Earth.

  • What
    could you let go of in order to allow yourself to focus your intentions more
  •  Are
    there concepts, ideas or things in your world that can be blended together to create
    a more solid root structure?
  • What
    seeds have you planted that need more room to grow?
  •  What
    branches could be pruned?
The I Ching
teaches us that Metal is the element associated with Children and Creativity;
the essence being “Joy”.

  • How
    could you cultivate Joy in your life right now?
  •  How
    could you “lighten up”?
  • What
    would it feel like if you could infuse your life overall with joy?
with Earth and Fire Elements
All seeds
have their own germination period.  I
invite you to consider all the great things you intend to plant, nurture and
harvest.  Then consider the possibility
that all the seeds do not necessarily have to planted all at once.  

Perhaps you can find a rhythm in clearing the
soil, plant specific seeds, nurture and intend to harvest.  

Find your ground, stand in your garden.

Too little
Fire can be a feeling of being separate from, lots of flame but not a lot of
heat.  Just as above, metaphorically
speaking, you may benefit from concentrating your efforts on stoking less
number of fires rather than have many individual matches lit and expect the
same radiant heat.
The element
of water helps to refine.  “Going with
the Flow”.  “Trusting the flow of life.” If the garden is too dense the plants can not thrive in rationing the water.

Suggested Affirmation:

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water Observations.
This is in response to a reader’s quiz submission.
Thank you!
Earth is your
Yang Element, what you show on the outside.
Fire is the
compliment Yang Element, supporting your creation of Earth.
Internal Yin elements are Metal, Water and Wood.

Strong Earth
indicates that you are practical, stable, grounded in the here and now.  While the assessment total in relation to the
other elements may suggest that you may have and to take on too much
responsibility, feelings of getting stuck, not moving forward, rather a feeling
of being anchored or weighed down.
In the I
Ching; Earth is the Element associated with the Love & Relationship area of
the Bagua.
Known as the
receptive; being able to take something in. 
The receptive Earth.
Keyword is
Devotion; between love partners and within self.
In order to
balance out the dominance of Earth, I invite you to add Wood.  Wood consumes Earth.
Wood is intuition,
knowledge, inspiration, active, awake & alert.  It embodies openmindness, ability to trust,
ability to accept guidance, to take reasonable risks, to try new activities.
Too little
wood can keep us “small” or not branching out.

Health &
Family’s element is Wood.  The I Ching
associates: arousing, thunder & shock. 
The best reaction to shock is laughter; Despite being shocked by a
thunderclap life goes on.  Shock is a
movement to transformation.
What can or
is stimulating transformation in your life? 
What seeds
can you plant and nurture in Health – Body, Mind, Spirit?
What can you
“unearth” about your relationships; to self and to others?
Is there a
new way at looking at your relationships?
What can you
cultivate in your life?
with Metal & Water
Metal is the
mental and intellectual.  It is the element
of both strength and endurance; as well it can be made malleable. 
Metal is
excavated from Earth.  To little metal
can be procrastination, avoidance, forgetting. 
I invite you to consider releasing some of the Earth’s burden of
responsibilities to lighten the anchor. 
What area of
your life are you holding on to things that others may help support you?
What could
you delegate?
Water is the
source of life, it is the tapping into the soul, spirit, trusting in the flow
of life.  This could be an invitation to “dive”
into something. To feel more fluid, to nourish growth.

An Affirmation for you…