Grief on Vacation20190123184949

Grief on Vacation

Grief doesn’t take vacations.  Even if you do. After spending the first part of January on a beach vacation I met a lot of amazing people, and a...
Graduation [be] Present20170518142518

Graduation [be] Present

Regardless of when you graduated, you may be familiar with that loaded of all loaded questions…     “Now What?”   I s...
Couples Therapy: My Relationship with Procrastination20130902020000

Couples Therapy: My Relationship with Procrastination

It took a long time of struggling with the push and pull dynamics of the relationship to finally ask myself: How had I allowed myself to be bullied fo...
Who am I Creating?20130529025600

Who am I Creating?

Captivating quote Mr. Shaw. My youngest daughter recently shared with me her love of this quote, and I wholeheartedly agree with the message. As IR...