Graduation [be] Present20170518142518

Graduation [be] Present

Regardless of when you graduated, you may be familiar with that loaded of all loaded questions…     “Now What?”   I s...
How are your habits serving you?20160526222455

How are your habits serving you?

In my recent newsletter, which you can read HERE. I talked about the book, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.  There are many things that we DO in...
Cultivating Curiosity20160419174644

Cultivating Curiosity

When is the last time you wondered about something?  Truly wondered about it?  As in you didn’t go onto the internet to fact check? Google has b...
Couples Therapy: My Relationship with Procrastination20130902020000

Couples Therapy: My Relationship with Procrastination

It took a long time of struggling with the push and pull dynamics of the relationship to finally ask myself: How had I allowed myself to be bullied fo...