Graduation [be] Present

Graduation [be] Present

Regardless of when you graduated, you may be familiar with that loaded of all loaded questions…



“Now What?”


I suspect more than a few people who are graduating are asking that question tirelessly.  With of course some other good ones like.


  • What am I going to do with my life?
  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • What if I hate it?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I succeed?
  • What have I done?
  • What if I’m wrong?
  • What if I should have listened to… and did what they said?
  • Maybe I should do what that person is doing?
  • I shoulda…
  • I coulda…
  • I woulda…
  • I wonder if the circus is hiring?
  • Etc.


My eldest is a few days away from walking across the stage in her cap and gown.  I’m so excited for her because this is BIG.  There is no do-over when it comes to this particular ceremony.


She is excited too with equal parts scared.  And she is not alone.


The significance of any milestone is the fact that it marks the end of or accomplishment of something, while simultaneously marking the start of something new.

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When it comes to completing high school think for a moment of all the things that are no longer going to be the same.


Regardless of how long a student attends a certain school the consistency of going to school for 12 years, 5 days a week, 10 months of the year ends.  The comfort of seeing familiar faces in their community, the other sights, sounds and smells (it is high school after all), is no longer their day to day, the normal order of things in their world stops as they know it.


The core of their existence, their friends, teachers, lockers, and routine changes and the “Now what” question gets even more traction and momentum.

In my opinion, depending on the intonation with which you ask that question, “Now what?”,it can be an invitation to throw open the door of possibility WIDE OPEN, and not always feel like the tentative turning of the handle.


To coin a phrase, “The world is your oyster”, can sound divine to some and others can be thinking “Ewwww oysters, what does that even mean?”.  Its all perspective.  And perspective is close cousins to focus.

When my daughter shared with me this morning that she and others were feeling off kilter with the upcoming graduation and all that implies about their future selves, this is how I responded. [Sharing with her permission]



It can be so easy to get caught up in the future energy that we forget to be HERE.


Being HERE in this moment.




When we focus on trying to figure it all out at once we can miss the good stuff happening now.


This is for anybody, who is trying to create a future, no matter what door we are about to close or what door we are about to open.


Watch my video [3 min] here…




Last year I wrote,  “Graduation & Grief“, from a observation standpoint after attending my friend’s daughter’s High School graduation, from the community me and the girls had lived.  This year I am seeing and feeling this from an altogether different perspective.


And hey, If you are asking your own self, “Now what?” or are thinking about joining the circus,  why not book your Discovery Session with me and let’s have a chat, before you head to the big top! 🙂




Building My Foundation for 2017

Building My Foundation for 2017

You may be thinking I’m a little late to the party by doing a post on setting intentions for the new year and well its mid January?

I don’t disagree with you.

My thinking is that for the majority of those who have already decided to forgo their January 1st proclamation by the 15th, this blog may support you in resetting your intention, now that the hullabaloo has quieted substantially.

For the last 3 years I’ve started the year by sharing the word I’ve chosen to inspire, empower and move me through the year.

In 2014, I chose a pair of words:  Fluidity & Fluid
In 2015, I chose:  Fluent
In 2016, I chose:  Thrive

In January 2016, I wrote how a thriving year would feel for me on December 31, 2016.

I decided to feel what it would feel like to have:
Thrived in feeling gratitude and feeling grateful;
Been connected to a Thriving Community;
Thrived in all my relationships (the one with myself included);
Made nurturing decisions about health that supported my overall being thriving;
Exponential growth in feeling Joy and being creative;
Thrived in being able to reflect and learn;
Having had a chronic case of “In-flow-enza”;
Flourished in being open to help and being a helpful spirit.

And when I looked back at my year I can honestly say I can tick all those boxes on how I felt the energy of “Thrive” at the close of 2016.

The best part of manifesting anything is to feel what it feels like to have that “thing” now.  When we are looking at the long game over 12 months, or over 52 weeks or over 365 days,  it can be quite a challenge to see how you are going to accomplish your resolution.

So I choose and invite others to reverse engineer what it looks and feels like to have achieved, accomplished and have manifested.

When you can describe what it looks like, feels like, tastes like etc and as you do so you are able to conjure up and own all of that with all of your senses, magic can happen.

By engaging in and describing with clarity all of the ingredients and being connected to FEELING what it feels like to have achieved, integrated, manifested, acquired, released, or whatever the best word for you to use,  the heavy lifting is done.  From that place of FEELING as if you have already succeeded that is where the door of opportunity opens to let inspired action come into our lives and also makes it easy for the Universe to deliver.

This year I chose a word that is defined as being soft, strong and flexible at the same time.

It is possible that when I focused on the vibrant energy of thriving, that at times throughout 2016 I became weighted down with the effort of trying to keep that up.    I saw that in my body, with feeling heavy and gaining weight, and in my mind with heavy or complex thinking. Therefore it became more effort than effortless at times.  Throughout the year I didn’t have a full on energy of Thrive, however when I reset my focus and my feeling the bounce back to what that looked and felt like was easy.

The last quarter of 2016 felt effortless and I felt a definite shift.  Which is and was evident in my body, letting go of the extra weight and in my mind, having let go of the jumbled thinking and de-cluttering my mind and choosing more consciously where I was investing my thought energy.

Choose a word that evokes an energy that feels good for you.

For example:

If you are wanting to lose weight in 2017, is it possible that “feeling lighter” may be an easy way to connect with what weighing less would look and feel like?

If you are wanting to pay off debt, is it possible that “feeling abundant or feeling prosperous” would be more energizing?

You may think that it is simply semantics, and perhaps it is.  Its possible that we may have an accumulated negative attachment to the words “diet” or the phrase “lose 20 pounds”; or “budget”.

Looking at a different way to describe what it is you want, may allow you to be more open about how you feel about your intention and more creative in the execution.

Choosing my word as “supple“, serves a couple purposes.

  1.  It is not a word that you commonly hear in everyday language.
  2. I have a sensory connection to it, it has a tactile feel to it.
  3. Since its not something I hear often it is a great trigger to check in.


Checking in for me is how that word and its accompanied energy relates to all areas of my life.

When I use Supple as my Center or Core Energy I can see how feeling that way will affect the other 8 key areas of my life.

I can also fast forward to December 31st, 2017 and reflect to today on how being, feeling and living in a supple way showed up in those areas.

How can being soft, strong and flexible affect those other areas?  That’s for me to create for myself.

How can feeling lighter (losing weight) or feeling abundant (paying off debt) affect those areas?  That’s for you to create?

By jumping ahead in time, we can preset what the evidence will look like.  That the center word & energy we have chosen to bring into our life in a more conscious way has influenced, infused, and or impacted us throughout the year.

YOU get to choose.  YOU get to choose how your resolution fits, feels and shows up.  YOU get to choose how to engage the energy.  YOU get to choose if this will feel hard or easy.

Have fun with what you want the year, week or today to feel like.  Take ownership of what you are intending or resolving for yourself and your life.

Strike a power pose and proclaim your Power Word for 2017!!

[Feel free to share what you are intending in the comments, I’d love to hear & support you!!]


World Suicide Prevention Day Reblog:  Illnesses that no one saw coming

World Suicide Prevention Day Reblog: Illnesses that no one saw coming

Originally Posted in 2013I believe in synchronicity.

I believe in and welcome the arrival of the most perfect people, teachers, words, inspiration, motivation, products etc coming into my world.

As the Universe would have it, I was compelled to click on a link that led me to the following post regarding the language used in, amongst, around and in association with Suicide.

Here is what’s troublesome about the term “suicide survivor.” With cancer, heart disease, liver failure and so on, the survivor is the person who is directly affected by the health problem, who lives it and sometimes dies from it.
By taking on the role of “suicide survivor,” the bereaved accept the role of “victim” as well, since they are inexorably connected. You cannot be a survivor without being a victim.
And to be a victim, there must be a perpetrator.
Would that perpetrator, then, be the very person for whom they grieve?

This post has shaken my core, in as much as I have been precipitating the very stigma around Suicide that I “wished” did not exist, however never thought to turn the language around as I have in other areas of my life.  The author has given me a powerful tool to do just that.


When we replace “killed themselves” or “committed suicide” with “had a fatal depressive episode,” we start to see the horror of the mental illness that took our son, our daughter, our sister, our brother, our husband, our wife, cousin or friend.
And we can reduce the stigma, we can open a real dialogue, we can stop blaming our loved ones and ourselves and get to the tasks at hand – understanding, healing and prevention.

No matter if or how you have had an experience with suicide this post may very well be a catalyst of change.


Change in how we think about Suicide;
Change in how we don’t talk about Suicide;
Change in how we feel about Suicide;
Change in how we heal;
Change in how we move forward.

I am grateful for Joel Kobren’s, honesty, vulnerability and courage in this post


Illnesses that no one saw coming“.

This post is infused with Peace and Love,



Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water Observations.
This is in response to a reader’s quiz submission.
Thank you!
Earth is your
Yang Element, what you show on the outside.
Fire is the
compliment Yang Element, supporting your creation of Earth.
Internal Yin elements are Metal, Water and Wood.

Strong Earth
indicates that you are practical, stable, grounded in the here and now.  While the assessment total in relation to the
other elements may suggest that you may have and to take on too much
responsibility, feelings of getting stuck, not moving forward, rather a feeling
of being anchored or weighed down.
In the I
Ching; Earth is the Element associated with the Love & Relationship area of
the Bagua.
Known as the
receptive; being able to take something in. 
The receptive Earth.
Keyword is
Devotion; between love partners and within self.
In order to
balance out the dominance of Earth, I invite you to add Wood.  Wood consumes Earth.
Wood is intuition,
knowledge, inspiration, active, awake & alert.  It embodies openmindness, ability to trust,
ability to accept guidance, to take reasonable risks, to try new activities.
Too little
wood can keep us “small” or not branching out.

Health &
Family’s element is Wood.  The I Ching
associates: arousing, thunder & shock. 
The best reaction to shock is laughter; Despite being shocked by a
thunderclap life goes on.  Shock is a
movement to transformation.
What can or
is stimulating transformation in your life? 
What seeds
can you plant and nurture in Health – Body, Mind, Spirit?
What can you
“unearth” about your relationships; to self and to others?
Is there a
new way at looking at your relationships?
What can you
cultivate in your life?
with Metal & Water
Metal is the
mental and intellectual.  It is the element
of both strength and endurance; as well it can be made malleable. 
Metal is
excavated from Earth.  To little metal
can be procrastination, avoidance, forgetting. 
I invite you to consider releasing some of the Earth’s burden of
responsibilities to lighten the anchor. 
What area of
your life are you holding on to things that others may help support you?
What could
you delegate?
Water is the
source of life, it is the tapping into the soul, spirit, trusting in the flow
of life.  This could be an invitation to “dive”
into something. To feel more fluid, to nourish growth.

An Affirmation for you…