Gratitude for the Everyday

Gratitude for the Everyday

At this very moment it is -27C (-16.6F) outside.  Because that is the way Mother Nature rolls in Western Canada.  Its really hard to generate a feeling of gratitude for the weather outside, when you can’t feel your face, feet, hands etc…after only a couple minutes.

Brrrr (-16.6F)

This weather system started on Friday, with snow, snow and more snow, and progressively dropping temps.  The one thing this kind of weather does, is bring people together.

I’m not talking about the hundreds of car accidents because the roads are horrible, but the spirit of helping out your neighbor.  Whether it is helping someone get unstuck from the snow drifts, or shoveling more than just your own.

The last couple days I have had a running commentary in my mind.

I’m so grateful for our functional furnace, I’m so grateful for the food in the fridge, I’m so thankful I have a garage for my vehicle, I’m so thankful I work from home…I’m so grateful I don’t have to rely on public transport… and on and on…

Being grateful for the everyday can sometimes get overlooked, because what we have around us is normal.  Weather such as this helped to shift my perspective and the basic everyday things take on a new meaning.

What are you grateful for today?

What are you intentionally grateful for in the future?  I’m intentionally grateful for the forecast on Thursday, a mere 27C degree change on the plus side!

This was after shoveling a path twice


Building My Foundation for 2017

Building My Foundation for 2017

You may be thinking I’m a little late to the party by doing a post on setting intentions for the new year and well its mid January?

I don’t disagree with you.

My thinking is that for the majority of those who have already decided to forgo their January 1st proclamation by the 15th, this blog may support you in resetting your intention, now that the hullabaloo has quieted substantially.

For the last 3 years I’ve started the year by sharing the word I’ve chosen to inspire, empower and move me through the year.

In 2014, I chose a pair of words:  Fluidity & Fluid
In 2015, I chose:  Fluent
In 2016, I chose:  Thrive

In January 2016, I wrote how a thriving year would feel for me on December 31, 2016.

I decided to feel what it would feel like to have:
Thrived in feeling gratitude and feeling grateful;
Been connected to a Thriving Community;
Thrived in all my relationships (the one with myself included);
Made nurturing decisions about health that supported my overall being thriving;
Exponential growth in feeling Joy and being creative;
Thrived in being able to reflect and learn;
Having had a chronic case of “In-flow-enza”;
Flourished in being open to help and being a helpful spirit.

And when I looked back at my year I can honestly say I can tick all those boxes on how I felt the energy of “Thrive” at the close of 2016.

The best part of manifesting anything is to feel what it feels like to have that “thing” now.  When we are looking at the long game over 12 months, or over 52 weeks or over 365 days,  it can be quite a challenge to see how you are going to accomplish your resolution.

So I choose and invite others to reverse engineer what it looks and feels like to have achieved, accomplished and have manifested.

When you can describe what it looks like, feels like, tastes like etc and as you do so you are able to conjure up and own all of that with all of your senses, magic can happen.

By engaging in and describing with clarity all of the ingredients and being connected to FEELING what it feels like to have achieved, integrated, manifested, acquired, released, or whatever the best word for you to use,  the heavy lifting is done.  From that place of FEELING as if you have already succeeded that is where the door of opportunity opens to let inspired action come into our lives and also makes it easy for the Universe to deliver.

This year I chose a word that is defined as being soft, strong and flexible at the same time.

It is possible that when I focused on the vibrant energy of thriving, that at times throughout 2016 I became weighted down with the effort of trying to keep that up.    I saw that in my body, with feeling heavy and gaining weight, and in my mind with heavy or complex thinking. Therefore it became more effort than effortless at times.  Throughout the year I didn’t have a full on energy of Thrive, however when I reset my focus and my feeling the bounce back to what that looked and felt like was easy.

The last quarter of 2016 felt effortless and I felt a definite shift.  Which is and was evident in my body, letting go of the extra weight and in my mind, having let go of the jumbled thinking and de-cluttering my mind and choosing more consciously where I was investing my thought energy.

Choose a word that evokes an energy that feels good for you.

For example:

If you are wanting to lose weight in 2017, is it possible that “feeling lighter” may be an easy way to connect with what weighing less would look and feel like?

If you are wanting to pay off debt, is it possible that “feeling abundant or feeling prosperous” would be more energizing?

You may think that it is simply semantics, and perhaps it is.  Its possible that we may have an accumulated negative attachment to the words “diet” or the phrase “lose 20 pounds”; or “budget”.

Looking at a different way to describe what it is you want, may allow you to be more open about how you feel about your intention and more creative in the execution.

Choosing my word as “supple“, serves a couple purposes.

  1.  It is not a word that you commonly hear in everyday language.
  2. I have a sensory connection to it, it has a tactile feel to it.
  3. Since its not something I hear often it is a great trigger to check in.


Checking in for me is how that word and its accompanied energy relates to all areas of my life.

When I use Supple as my Center or Core Energy I can see how feeling that way will affect the other 8 key areas of my life.

I can also fast forward to December 31st, 2017 and reflect to today on how being, feeling and living in a supple way showed up in those areas.

How can being soft, strong and flexible affect those other areas?  That’s for me to create for myself.

How can feeling lighter (losing weight) or feeling abundant (paying off debt) affect those areas?  That’s for you to create?

By jumping ahead in time, we can preset what the evidence will look like.  That the center word & energy we have chosen to bring into our life in a more conscious way has influenced, infused, and or impacted us throughout the year.

YOU get to choose.  YOU get to choose how your resolution fits, feels and shows up.  YOU get to choose how to engage the energy.  YOU get to choose if this will feel hard or easy.

Have fun with what you want the year, week or today to feel like.  Take ownership of what you are intending or resolving for yourself and your life.

Strike a power pose and proclaim your Power Word for 2017!!

[Feel free to share what you are intending in the comments, I’d love to hear & support you!!]


Master Bedroom Feng Shui

Master Bedroom Feng Shui

In which life area is your Master Bedroom located?

2015 FS Bagua


When you enter the master bedroom what does it feel like?

Esthetics of the space can reflect and amplify the energy in the room, creating the space so that it befits both you and your partner is a cooperative effort.

What feels good to both of you?

Look around the room, with eyes of observation (see the space as if you are a stranger to it, and are viewing it for the first time). Our eyes can serve as a wonderful tool to show us the flow of energy.  When you are seeing a space for the first time, how your eyes travel from one area to another, the ease in which that happens or the stops and starts.

What do you see?

What catches your eye?  What stands out to you?

Listen to what your intuition is telling you about the space.

The bedroom is the most private and intimate area of a home, the room where we start and end our day, connect with our partner and recharge our bodies.  Therefore, does your bedroom serve you?  Is it restful, peaceful and personal?  Do you LOVE it?

Does it convey a balance of those that share the space?  If seeking a partner, is there room for that other person to move in?

Do you LOVE what is in the space?  Does it feel good?  Do you sigh with relief when you enter?  Do you look forward to crawling into bed each night?

When two people share the bedroom the balancing of each personality is important.  Elements in the space need to compliment those who inhabit the room.

Balance can been seen and felt, it does not mean that everything has to be matchy matchy however if it looks lop-sided, then it is possible that the energy can feel out of sync.

  • Lighting on night tables or night stands do not have to a pair, but complimentary in size and stature.
  • Artwork over the headboard should evoke the energy of the room and be attractive to both of you;  appropriately sized and affixed securely, so as to not make you feel consciously or subconsciously that it could come down on top of you.
  • Electronics such as televisions can be a detractor of rest.  If removing it altogether is not an option, consider covering the screen with a blanket or fabric when not in use.  TV’s have a tendency to distract us by constantly wanting to be viewed.
  • Books, magazines & other reading material can also take away from our goal of a good night’s rest.  Stacks of books can hold a “to-do list” energy, see if it feels better to store the queue on a shelf rather than directly beside your bed.
  • Mirrors are best not to be directly viewed from the bed, if you sleep restlessly it doubles the restlessness by mirroring your movements.
  • Closet and drawers are best kept tidied and clutter free;  in the interim the doors and drawers should be closed.
  • Laundry to do, to fold or to put away are tasks that should not be stored in the master bedroom.  It is a call to action rather than supporting your rest.
  • Under bed storage may be efficient however may also contribute to blocking the flow of energy in the space, consider finding an alternative space to archive seasonal items, extra wardrobe, luggage etc.
  • Making of the bed, may be a task that you abhor, although it is time well spent for you visually and energetically.


Lastly and most importantly:  All that items you have in your master bedroom both seen and unseen, add positive energy if you Love to see them or know that they are there.



Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour and Intention

Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour and Intention

The painters have been gone for ten days and I’ve only hung one picture.

There is that vibe about a freshly painted wall, with no knicks or mars that I’m simply appreciating.  That and the fact that I want to hammer the nail only once, so I’m allowing myself the time.

I’m so grateful for the Interior Designer’s eye and guidance when it came to choosing the colour for our main floor.  The following pictures below do not do the real life feeling justice.

If I were to look at the bagua just for this room it may appear as though I’ve not considered Feng Shui at all.  However, as I mentioned in the Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour, there is definitely room for interpretation, and in my opinion room for Intention.

The bold Spanish style Red (Fire) , the deep, dark Grey (Water), the contrast neutral Smoky Taupe (Metal) make this space feel warm and inviting.

I’m not afraid of bold colours, and during our initial consultation with the designer I had in my mind’s eye a blue where the red now resides.  I wanted to draw from the blue in a picture I had and felt it would be most perfect.  Up until a week before the painters arrived, every time I looked at that wall I saw the blue, I was on the verge of calling and changing colours.

Wood Elements:
Hardwood Floor (literal wood)
Hardwood Floor (striped, linear pattern)
Maple Cabinets
Maple Door
Maple built in shelves
Lots of Plants
Faux logs in Fireplace

Fire Elements:
South Facing Windows
Lighting fixtures
Gas Stove
Artwork depicting the sun

Earth Elements:
Brown fabric Couch
Square Slate back splash
Square slate tiles fireplace surround
Square shaped wall unit
Square design on area rug
Room screen with gold

Metal Elements:
Stainless Steel appliances
White sheers
Circular plant stands

Water Elements:
Large Windows
Black book case

The addition of our colours helps to balance out the elements in the space.

The Red wall (fire) helps to control the wood dominance; while the addition of the Grey (water)  helps to nourish Wood energy overall.  To keep everything in balance.

Back to intention.  Red is also the colour of communication, as this is our kitchen and dining room, and I love to entertain I see the red as a support of warm and lively conversations with whomever gathers here.  The Grey light banks above add that water vibeage to keep the communication from getting to “fiery” 🙂

Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour

Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour

How timely that I received a question about paint colour, while the painters are busy doing exactly that while I type this!


Colour plays an important part in our lives.  It affects how we shop, eat and feel.  We can have an emotional connection to colours, take a look at your closet, there is most likely a theme.
We surround ourselves with the colours that we are most positively attracted to, and even those that we are neutral about.  Those neutral colours may be ones we have had to make peace with, if we are limited to changing them, think of your office.
When we are decorating our homes or other spaces that we spend a lot of time in, colour can add to, support, deplete and even take away from our energy.  We can seek guidance from an interior decorator and other sources to empower, reflect and support who we are through colour.
The Feng Shui Bagua Map and the elements can also be a resource if we are wanting to add to the energy of our space.
Each life area has a colour associated with it, and by laying the Bagua map onto your floor plan, to paint your home in this way may appear and make you feel as if you lived in a Rubik’s cube.  Most likely not the ideal palate choice for most.

Colours Associated with Life Areas

Wealth and Prosperity:  Blues, Purples and Reds
Fame and Reputation:  Reds
Love and Relationships:  Reds, Pinks and White
Health and Family:  Blues and Greens
Center:  Yellows, Oranges and Browns
Children and Creativity:  White and Pastels
Knowledge and Self Cultivation:  Black, Blues and Green
Career:  Black, Burgundy, Chocolate and Navy
Helpful People and Travel:  White, Black and Greys
The life areas surrounding the Center, blend into each other and share similar hues.   Your interpretation and association to the colour and of the shade and intensity is what also adds to the energy.
For example:  I always associate Wealth and Prosperity or Gratitude with Purple.  Why?  I LOVE Purple!  Purple to me is regal, rich looking, elegant and its been my fave colour since well birth.

Know this:  If the area of your home has a Feng Shui association with colours that you have an aversion to, then painting it in that range will detract from the energy you were intending to infuse the space with, because at the end of the day YOU who live in the space are NOT attracted to it.

Colours Associated with Elements

Wood – Blues and Greens (columnar/stripes/objects made of wood)
Fire – Red (candles/triangles/cones/lighting/sunlight)
Earth – Yellows, oranges and Browns (squares/rectangles/art featuring terrain)
Metal – White and Pastels (circles/ovals/arches/rocks/metal objects)
Water – Black, Burgundy, Chocolate and Navy (asymmetrical shapes/ponds/glass/mirror)
To learn more about the elements I invite you to read HERE
You can also add those by incorporating shapes which helps with the controlling or nourishing cycle of the elements overall.
In my opinion, if you absolutely love a particular colour, it feels good to be surrounded by it that in itself uplifts and supports your energy and that of your space.
We can get too caught up by “thinking” about it and processing all the information out there.  Remember to follow your intuition, what speaks to you?
Also, remember its just paint…it is a relatively easy fix, change and modification to any space.
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