Gratitude for the Everyday20170207143715

Gratitude for the Everyday

At this very moment it is -27C (-16.6F) outside.  Because that is the way Mother Nature rolls in Western Canada.  Its really hard to generate a feelin...
Building My Foundation for 201720170112225900

Building My Foundation for 2017

You may be thinking I’m a little late to the party by doing a post on setting intentions for the new year and well its mid January? I don’...
Master Bedroom Feng Shui20160418183639

Master Bedroom Feng Shui

  In which life area is your Master Bedroom located?   When you enter the master bedroom what does it feel like? Esthetics of the space can ...
Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour and Intention20150615210200

Refreshing Your Home’s Energy with Colour and Intention

The painters have been gone for ten days and I’ve only hung one picture. There is that vibe about a freshly painted wall, with no knicks or mars...