Groove or a Rut?20130821153000

Groove or a Rut?

Are you in the Groove right now?   You know, when you everything seems to be moving along in just the right rhythm. The times when you have every...
Water – Its Elemental Dear Bagua20130729220000

Water – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

How would you describe your favorite body of water?  How would the water be moving or is it still? Would it be deep or shallow? Would it be calm ...
The Emotional Oil & Water20130727035800

The Emotional Oil & Water

Grief can arrive like the rolling in of black clouds before a storm. Grief can make your brain feel stuffy like a full blown head cold. Grief can make...
Practicing what I post.20120207101000

Practicing what I post.

Living abroad we can find ourselves at times missing certain comforts from home, such as food.  These things can be appeased by either requesting...