Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water

Yang Earth and Fire; Yin Wood, Metal and Water Observations.
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Earth is your
Yang Element, what you show on the outside.
Fire is the
compliment Yang Element, supporting your creation of Earth.
Internal Yin elements are Metal, Water and Wood.

Strong Earth
indicates that you are practical, stable, grounded in the here and now.  While the assessment total in relation to the
other elements may suggest that you may have and to take on too much
responsibility, feelings of getting stuck, not moving forward, rather a feeling
of being anchored or weighed down.
In the I
Ching; Earth is the Element associated with the Love & Relationship area of
the Bagua.
Known as the
receptive; being able to take something in. 
The receptive Earth.
Keyword is
Devotion; between love partners and within self.
In order to
balance out the dominance of Earth, I invite you to add Wood.  Wood consumes Earth.
Wood is intuition,
knowledge, inspiration, active, awake & alert.  It embodies openmindness, ability to trust,
ability to accept guidance, to take reasonable risks, to try new activities.
Too little
wood can keep us “small” or not branching out.

Health &
Family’s element is Wood.  The I Ching
associates: arousing, thunder & shock. 
The best reaction to shock is laughter; Despite being shocked by a
thunderclap life goes on.  Shock is a
movement to transformation.
What can or
is stimulating transformation in your life? 
What seeds
can you plant and nurture in Health – Body, Mind, Spirit?
What can you
“unearth” about your relationships; to self and to others?
Is there a
new way at looking at your relationships?
What can you
cultivate in your life?
with Metal & Water
Metal is the
mental and intellectual.  It is the element
of both strength and endurance; as well it can be made malleable. 
Metal is
excavated from Earth.  To little metal
can be procrastination, avoidance, forgetting. 
I invite you to consider releasing some of the Earth’s burden of
responsibilities to lighten the anchor. 
What area of
your life are you holding on to things that others may help support you?
What could
you delegate?
Water is the
source of life, it is the tapping into the soul, spirit, trusting in the flow
of life.  This could be an invitation to “dive”
into something. To feel more fluid, to nourish growth.

An Affirmation for you…
Metal – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

Metal – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

The fifth element in Feng Shui is Metal.

Metal embodies the intellect and the mental aspect in our life.  It can be defined as our ability to focus, be quick, be determined, be sharp, clear communication and deep intellectual clarity.  Metaphors such as “mind like a steel trap” and “razor sharp mind” convey this definition.

The material itself is can be noted as our human signature, in that we take it from the earth and manipulate it into various forms.  Metal can be dramatic and strong, think sculpture, jewellery and buildings. And can be the epitome of strength and endurance, think granite and marble. 

Too much metal can 

  • leave us unable to compromise
  • inability to change course even when it makes sense
  • brittle
  • sharp tongues
  • being weak or over processed
  • have trouble connecting
  • lack flexibility
  • over analysis
Too little metal can be
  • procrastination
  • avoidance
  • spineless
  • forgetting
  • forgetful
  • unable to stick to your own integrity.
Metal cuts wood; Metal holds water; Metal consumes earth.
To lessen Metal you can add Fire as it melts metal.
Metal as a structural commodity in our life is, like all of the other elements, needing balance.

Out of Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal.  How would you number these in order from greatest element in your life to least in your life?

Which of these elements would you like to nourish?

Which of these would you like to control?

Stoking Your Fire:  Its Elemental My Dear Bagua

Stoking Your Fire: Its Elemental My Dear Bagua

Fire plays a dynamic role in our world; both literally and in our vernacular.

Using Fire in our language can be as such:
Get fired up = energized.
Being fired up = motivated.
Fire in the belly = motivation.
Getting fired = losing one’s job.
I’m on fire = Angry, enraged.
I’m on fire = On a roll, passionate.
And the list goes on…
The Fame and Reputation Gua is the home of the element of Fire.  I interpret this gua as having the essence of Community as its all about who we are in the world, thus how we are viewed by others by what we communicate to the world.
Fire is about communication, emotion, and touch.
A healthy amount of fire in our lives is nourishing.  Fire can be our spark, our sparkle, our excitement in our life.  It can be conveyed in a warm and gracious nature. 
Too much fire can be
  • aggressiveness
  • conflict
  • impatience
  • intolerance
  • loud
Too little fire can be
  • lackluster
  • no warmth
  • flat
  • cold, chilly
  • separation from
  • shy
Elementally, Fire fees on Wood which turns to ashes which turns to Earth.
If we put a single piece of paper into a fireplace and light it, it will ignite and burst magnificently into flames.  However in order to keep a fire going, we must feed it, starting with kindling and build to adding logs.  We nurture the fire in our live’s metaphorical hearth the same way.
Finding Your Center:  Its Elemental My Dear Bagua.

Finding Your Center: Its Elemental My Dear Bagua.

Earth is the Element directly associated with the Center of the Bagua.

Hence my invitation for people to come to the center of the map and feel “Grounded”.  

The best literal example I can use is what I do prior to teaching a Foot Fitness class or doing any type of bodywork.  I generally ask people to do a check in or perform an inventory of their body prior to us going forward.

Its simple and takes only a couple minutes, I invite you to join in.

  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor; or stand
  • Hands on lap; or hanging easily to your side
  • Eyes open or closed, your choice
  • Inhale through your nose to the count of 3,
  • Exhale to the count of 3 through your nose, like you are pressing out your breath
  • Repeat, extending the count as you are comfortable
  • Inhale noticing your lungs expanding and your shoulders rising
  • Exhale feeling your body melt down down down into your feet
  • Inhale feeling the energy rising
  • Exhale feeling the energy descending
  • Notice your feet and how they are making contact to the floor
  • Notice the where you feel the weight distributed
  • Press your feet into the floor; extend the toes to create the widest foundation
  • Inhale filling your lungs to capacity; lifting through the top of your head
  • pause; then exhale and empty your lungs to their depths pressing your feet into the floor
  • Take an inventory of your body from the feet up to the top of your head
  • Continue to focus on your breath; extending up through the top of the head and extending through the feet into the floor.
  • Notice and feel the contrast.
  • Continue for as long as comfortable.

This physical check-in can also be adapted to how you are feeling in your life overall.  Check out the Earth qualities:

Earth is physical, and is tangible in quality.
Earth is represented by the shades of yellow and earthtones;
Earth is literal soil, ceramics, tile, brick; 
Earth is the shapes of square and rectangle.
Earth is practical.
Earth is stability.

Too much Earth energy may be defined as feeling: 

  • too much responsibility
  • weighted down or heavy
  • too conservative
  • all method no madness
  • getting stuck
  • to focussed
Too little Earth energy may be defined by feeling:
  • precarious
  • floating
  • unfocussed
  • irresponsible
Balanced Earth Energy
  • grounded in the here and now
  • accountable of what we do and say
  • action to ideas
  • practical as an equal partner
  • symbolic of being the creator
So where on Earth are you? Or where is Earth within you?
On average are you feeling balanced, centered and grounded?
Can you notice where in your life that you may benefit from cultivating more or less Earth energy.  What action can you take to make that possible?
The Element of Wood controls Earth; whilst Fire makes Earth…
More on that to come.