Cultivating Curiosity

Cultivating Curiosity

When is the last time you wondered about something?  Truly wondered about it?  As in you didn’t go onto the internet to fact check?

Google has become the ever present fact checker in our lives, and for good reason.  However have we lost the ability just to muse or wonder or daydream about stuff?

Wondering about things turns on the tap of our creativity.

Wondering leads us meandering down the garden path of what ifs.

Wondering opens up channels to possibilities, because anything can happen in our minds when we wonder about something.

What do you wonder about that you or Google can not verify, substantiate or confirm?

When is the last time you curiously speculated about something?  If you can not remember the last time, why not?

During a brisk walk yesterday I decided to pose a number of un-Google-able questions.

  • I wonder if that couple are on their first date?
  • I wonder how far that man has run so far on his jog?
  • I wonder if the people driving wish they were walking in the sunshine instead of driving?
  • I wonder what they are grateful for?
  • I wonder what it would be like to ride a skateboard?
  • I wonder if that person I just passed is okay?
  • I wonder what they are talking about over there?
  • I wonder what inspires that woman?
  • I wonder what it feels like to be them?

None of those things could be verified by an internet search.  All of those I wonder statements were prompts for more I wonders which started to flow more organically.

Cultivating curiosity invites us to color outside the lines, think outside of the box and be open to possibilities, no matter how preposterous our ideas, conclusions or queries are.

Carefree Joy

Carefree is the Balance between Careful & Careless

Choosing a carefree state of mind allows us the joyful pleasure of balancing our thought energy.  Consciously choosing to wonder about this that or the other may be inspiration, solution, idea, and break your mind was needing.

Therefore, I wonder if this will inspire someone to wonder?

I wonder what you will wonder about?

“Think and wonder.  Wonder and think.” ~Dr. Seuss


Letting Clothing Go with Gratitude and Love

Letting Clothing Go with Gratitude and Love

My post Feng Shui Your Wardrobe for Clutter Rescue has resonated with many, myself included, to take action and create space in the clothing closet.  
No matter how few or how many things you edit from your wardrobe I always invite people to say “Thank You” to the items that you are letting go of and to do so with “Love“. 
If you are passing the clothes along as a donation or to someone you know; its good practise to infuse the articles with the good energy of Gratitude.  You valued their worth when it was in your closet, so send it on its way to someone else with that good feeling.
If you have any reservations about what you are decluttering do not let it leave until you can do so with love and thanks.  Otherwise the energy may linger as regret and not the vibeage you want to store in your freshly cleared out space.

Dress Stress:

Someone had recently let go of an outfit they had custom made for a very special occasion. 

Despite the beautiful memories of that event where she wore the dress; it also evoked the NOT so beautiful memories of her dealings with the seamstress. Even with the dress no longer in her wardrobe, she would be reminded, especially when looking back at photographs, of how she felt about the designer.
I suggested that she think of the dress and hold it in her mind; then focus on the JOY she felt while wearing the dress for the celebration; letting the Good feelings about the dress grow greater and stronger while letting the drama of the dressmaker experience go.  This may take some practise, however it will time and energy well invested.  

Simply Put:

  • Inhale the Joy of the celebration;
  • Exhale the dressmaker;
  • Inhale the Joy;
  • Exhale the drama
  • Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Repeat

Repeat until you can feel that you have released the dressmaker as you have the dress.
The beautiful memories from that occasion will continue to grow in value; while holding space for the designer experience does not serve you or honor your memories overall.  
What’s in your closet that you would benefit from releasing with Gratitude and Love?  

The Emotional Oil & Water

The Emotional Oil & Water

Grief can arrive like the rolling in of black clouds before a storm.

Grief can make your brain feel stuffy like a full blown head cold.

Grief can make your physical body feel as if you are walking through mud.

Grief can contract your emotions so tight you feel like you are waiting for the bomb to blow.

Grief feeds on and morphs into the very monsters hiding in the closet or under the bed.  

Grief sensitizes us to ourselves and others.
Grief is the great lecturer on the past;
Grief is the shoulda, coulda, woulda.
Grief is the judge and the jury;
and given permission grief can be the jailer.

Grief is the darkness.

Grief does to you anything it wants…if you allow it.

So what now…………….(Inhale Peace)
I choose Gratitude (Exhale Love)

I choose Lovingkindness.
The days leading up to the memorial date were not filled with Lovingkindness.  Nope they sure were not.
I was channelling the power of anger and depression.  The uninvited flashback moments of 4 years ago running through my  mind.  The details as crystal clear as if it were all happening in present moment.  I could feel it in my body, I could smell it, I could taste it.  I could hear the question, “Why?” being asked by myself and others.  I was generating a vortex full of wrath and fury fueled with sadness and loss.  I was feeling without“.
Then, I would look at my daughters and the storm would pause, the turbulence would sigh with dismay at losing momentum.
The morning of the memorial day I woke up feeling lighter.  Feeling partly cloudy rather than imminent storm.  I asked the girls what happy story they were thinking of about their Dad.  I saw their father in their faces.  I invited private flashback moments of their births, of stories of our lives with him.  And I began to feel gratitude. I was feeling “with“. 

Not gratitude for him not being here, but gratitude for him giving us what we had with him in our lives.  Reflection.
Over a comfort food breakfast we shared stories.  Nurture
Looking around our ecosystem and feeling Blessed.  Gratitude.
Choosing kindness over bitterness.  Community.
Inhaling Peace and Exhaling Love.  Love.
Went out for lunch and shared laughter and fellowship.  Joy.
Reminded myself that I am supported.  Spirit.
Allowed myself to let go.  Flow
The mixing of Gratitude with Grief is like trying to blend oil and water.  
Grief being the oil at the top not allowing the water (Gratitude or Peace) to mix in.  You can shake the jar as long and hard as you want and in the end the oil will always float to the top.  
We can not change the physical properties of oil and water, however what we can do is change our perspective.  Perhaps the oil is the Gratitude and the water is the grief?  Its possible, if we allow it.
Everyone has their own process in coping with and moving through grief. And as each year passes I’d love to say that it gets easier; however what I will say is that it gets different.
I consciously choose to be open to what is possible.  Grief can rise to the top on any given day.  
I’m not looking to close the door on grief for myself or my daughters, I am however always open to creatively approaching this memorial day or any other day that grief appears. 
I’m grateful.  I’m grateful to be here to hug my girls, to love my girls and send love to everyone who has lost.
Its safe and okay to be sad and miss our Dads,
Its safe and okay to love and miss our Dads,
All is well.
Inhale Love,
Exhale Peace
and repeat.