When there is a Will, they will know the way.

When there is a Will, they will know the way.

Let’s start with the easy part.

Initial these six pages, then sign here.


Then initial here, here and here.  Sign there.

Last one.  Two initials and a signature.

The signing of one of the most valuable documents you can ever create.

Your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney and Health Directive.

But its getting to the signing part that is challenging. Why [ & frankly I doubt I have to answer that], but who wants to make plans about their life when the purpose of the document is centered around the fact that there is no more living to do?

I’ve said and written many times before that in order to deliberately create what you want in your life; Ask, Believe & Receive.  When it comes to doing your will its freaky, because to apply those three steps is the absolute LAST thing you want to conjure up in your mind.  And if it does flash in front of your eyes, you want to do everything in your power to erase it from your mind.

Here is the flip side.

In this moment of living and the many many many countless moments to come in the future, you get to choose where you invest your thought energy and live the life of your design.  Creating your life that ticks all the boxes on how you feel, who you are with, where you are, what you are doing.  The fastest way to bringing that ideal life starts by being clear about what you want.


You may not have to think very hard about the things you do not want in your life.  You may in fact feel tentative or stumped when answering the question what do you want in your life?

This is the question on which the foundation of your last will and testament is created.

What do you want? 

What do you want to do or have done with your investments, your house, your stuff, your money, your assets, your ….everything?

There is no room for a grey area when doing your will.  It is the most specific and clear document outlining what YOU want.  Because only YOU know.

I repeat Only YOU know.

Some may assume that if they are not on the Forbes list of wealthiest people that their personal estate isn’t that complicated and writing up the directive is a waste of time.  However, this document is about all of whatever you have amassed in your life and the people who are grieving you are then left to make assumptions and speculate on what you would want to have happen.

In addition to the grief they are experiencing, without a clarity of knowing your wishes, grief can be compounded by all the details of managing what they now are tasked with figuring out.  The very doing of documenting your wants alleviates a substantial weight off of the shoulders of those who are left.


In order to believe that your will be acted upon and all those crossed t’s and dotted i’s will be taken care of, choosing the executor(s) is another decision you must make.  Your belief in the people who you have chosen to manage your affairs and carry out your wishes.

Go back to step one and ask.  Ask them for permission to task them with the very intimate job of overseeing your estate, and your wishes.

The biggest step is outlining the specifics of what you want and need done after you are gone.  The believing part comes in by choosing specifically who is tasked with seeing this through.


There isn’t any stuff you are going to receive in this process.  However what you will receive is relief and you will give others relief in knowing that you have outlined with clarity your wishes and desires.

Relief in knowing that you have clearly stated what you want to happen, that you have provided the information for those actions to be handled by the person or people most perfect for the job.

Relief in knowing that those left to grieve your loss, can do so without the added weight of wondering, second guessing, possibly quarreling about what you want.

Relief in the fact that what you want is being taken care of and your wishes are being honored.

Feel it:

So how does relief feel to you?

How do you think relief would look and feel for those left to manage your estate, knowing they have the direction specifically from you?

Is it possible that focusing on the relief and being grateful to feel it and knowing you that others are feeling it because of your forethought to do up your last will & testament?  Is it possible that focusing on that feeling, not the end result of your passing, can help support you in doing the work?

Sometimes reverse engineering the process can help to lighten the energy around the task at hand.

So start with the easy part…

Initial these six pages, then sign here.


Then initial here, here and here.  Sign there.

Last one.  Two initials and a signature.

Focus on the relief of getting the task done.  Focus on how it feels to know you have done what needs to be done.  Focus on what it feels like that you have provided the information necessary for others to act on your behalf.  Focus on what relief feels like for you knowing that you have this done.  Focus on what relief will feel like for those left to mourn your loss knowing that the details are all laid out.

Focus on the relief when you get tangled up in the ick factor of having to answer the question “What do You want?”, when detailing your will; when you are no longer here to execute and create on your own behalf.

Focusing on the end result of creating relief can help unwind the cluster of resistance to going through the process and will help you take the steps necessary to getting this very valuable document created.

Help yourself and others by focusing on the relief and downsizing this from a monumental task to manageable.

Choose relief for you and your loved ones in your life.


[Please seek qualified legal advise in compiling all documents in regards to your estate, My intention is to invite and encourage you to release the energy around doing so]






Self Love – I feel good when I …?

Self Love – I feel good when I …?


Self Love: I feel good when I (fill in your blank) for myself.


How would you fill in your blank?

The question came to me the other day when I was feeling congested and headache-y and realized that rather than doing something to alleviate it I was simply feeling it more and more.

In that instance, I asked myself, “How can I help myself feel better?” but seriously in reality I asked, “Where is my Advil and why haven’t I taken any yet?”

[Where was the easy button when I needed it]


Self Care are the actions that we use to express our Self Love.


Self Care is not selfish;

it is the quintessential ingredient to cultivating and maintaining the quality of your life!


Case in point:

There is quite a cache of vitamin supplements in my pantry.  I even go so far as to portion them out to make taking them easier.  So why is it that there are times which turn into days when I simply ignore them, despite the fact that they are there?

I’ve made it easy, they are ready to go, yet grabbing a packet and taking them feels like too much work!!

I’m not saying that taking vitamin supplements is the magical bullet of Self Care – What I am saying is that the things we do to support our selves in body/mind/spirit that work behind the scenes to help us feel good overall.

Case in point #2:

The past 8 days in my world can best be understood by watching this video


Suffice to say that it is a clip of a skier having to repeatedly recover mogul after mogul to regain his balance; and when I watched it on social media I immediately identified with how it felt!

Self Care for me meant choosing to do things that helped me to feel grounded, not flailing down a ski hill.  So that meant I opted to focus on things that help me clear my head.  For me that was cleaning the kitchen, some housework, and making myself a cup of hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream on top and sat down and drank it.

Granted doing housework may not be everyone’s go to, however the state of affairs in my kitchen was contributing to my imbalance by becoming a mogul that I had to negotiate.

Sometimes it is doing the tasks that we can control the outcome of that allows our head to clear.  It works for me.

As for the hot chocolate… that was for comfort.  Grasping the warm cup, the fragrance of the chocolate, the contrast of hot liquid and cool cream.  Ahhhhh  Relief!

But mostly choosing to take the time to have the experience, not trying to multi task or do anything other than to drink the cocoa from start to finish.


How can you Fill in Your Blank today; and in order to  Fill up your Self Love Tank…?


Whatever it is…You get to Choose!


cup of hot chocolate

cup of hot chocolate





Master Bedroom Feng Shui

Master Bedroom Feng Shui

In which life area is your Master Bedroom located?

2015 FS Bagua


When you enter the master bedroom what does it feel like?

Esthetics of the space can reflect and amplify the energy in the room, creating the space so that it befits both you and your partner is a cooperative effort.

What feels good to both of you?

Look around the room, with eyes of observation (see the space as if you are a stranger to it, and are viewing it for the first time). Our eyes can serve as a wonderful tool to show us the flow of energy.  When you are seeing a space for the first time, how your eyes travel from one area to another, the ease in which that happens or the stops and starts.

What do you see?

What catches your eye?  What stands out to you?

Listen to what your intuition is telling you about the space.

The bedroom is the most private and intimate area of a home, the room where we start and end our day, connect with our partner and recharge our bodies.  Therefore, does your bedroom serve you?  Is it restful, peaceful and personal?  Do you LOVE it?

Does it convey a balance of those that share the space?  If seeking a partner, is there room for that other person to move in?

Do you LOVE what is in the space?  Does it feel good?  Do you sigh with relief when you enter?  Do you look forward to crawling into bed each night?

When two people share the bedroom the balancing of each personality is important.  Elements in the space need to compliment those who inhabit the room.

Balance can been seen and felt, it does not mean that everything has to be matchy matchy however if it looks lop-sided, then it is possible that the energy can feel out of sync.

  • Lighting on night tables or night stands do not have to a pair, but complimentary in size and stature.
  • Artwork over the headboard should evoke the energy of the room and be attractive to both of you;  appropriately sized and affixed securely, so as to not make you feel consciously or subconsciously that it could come down on top of you.
  • Electronics such as televisions can be a detractor of rest.  If removing it altogether is not an option, consider covering the screen with a blanket or fabric when not in use.  TV’s have a tendency to distract us by constantly wanting to be viewed.
  • Books, magazines & other reading material can also take away from our goal of a good night’s rest.  Stacks of books can hold a “to-do list” energy, see if it feels better to store the queue on a shelf rather than directly beside your bed.
  • Mirrors are best not to be directly viewed from the bed, if you sleep restlessly it doubles the restlessness by mirroring your movements.
  • Closet and drawers are best kept tidied and clutter free;  in the interim the doors and drawers should be closed.
  • Laundry to do, to fold or to put away are tasks that should not be stored in the master bedroom.  It is a call to action rather than supporting your rest.
  • Under bed storage may be efficient however may also contribute to blocking the flow of energy in the space, consider finding an alternative space to archive seasonal items, extra wardrobe, luggage etc.
  • Making of the bed, may be a task that you abhor, although it is time well spent for you visually and energetically.


Lastly and most importantly:  All that items you have in your master bedroom both seen and unseen, add positive energy if you Love to see them or know that they are there.



Building my Bagua for 2016

Building my Bagua for 2016

All those in favour of the “holidays” being over, raise your hand!

I’m ready to get back into a more normal flow of things and have been for a few days.  

The decompression of one’s normalcy during the holiday season through to the New Year, starts out favourable, then it can bottom out.  

That lack of consistency of a routine has hit a saturation point when it comes to sleeping, waking, eating, coming and going.  

The starter’s gun went off on January 1st, yet it feels like someone fouled at the line and we are in a holding pattern to really get going, until the 4th or 5th of the month.  When collectively the world around us gets back on the field.

I’m holiday’d out.

I’m ready to get on with it.  

I’m ready to put things back where they belong and move forward.

Inflowenza:  The state of awareness that one’s energy is adapting and changing to life’s experiences.  Symptoms can include:  Going with it, going against it, floating on it or treading your head above it.

 ~Sherry Trentini

Feeling that sense of eagerness to get on with whatever moves your spirit is what fuels motivation.

While revamping my space I came across a few fun things in my archives.  I’m not certain what my source of motivation was, but I quite like what I’ve jotted down.

Nature abhors a vacuum

Who you want to be?

What you want to do?

What you want to have?

Who you become determines what you do and what you have.

Who do you want to become?  Be limitless…Remember emotion is the fuel of motivation.

Emotion is the reason you take all the action to create.

Fall in love with your vision.

How do you want to be remembered.

I AM……..

This morning over coffee I really focused my energy on my Power or Theme word for 2016.  I’ve noticed that there many people are calling this year ‘Sweet 16’.  

I loved turning 16.  It was pivotal.  The year I got my driving license and my first car.  Which expanded my independence and had me driving towards adulthood, (rather quickly at times with music blaring).

When I thought about what that felt like back in the day, and thought about the whole energy around turning and being 16, the word that came to my mind was “liberating“.  

What would it feel like to have a liberating year in 2016?

What word would encapsulate that feeling of driving with music blaring?

3 sets of words came to mind:

  • fulfil, fulfillment, fulfilled
  • prosper, prosperity, prosperous
  • thrive

All great sets of words.

The one I kept coming back to is…

Thrive may rhyme with drive, and since I was channelling my 16th year energy there may be an emotional connection.  However, truth be told, as I shared in my last email to subscribers, I shared that 2015 was a curvy year, the learning kind.  I’m ready to use that as a foundation of my personal growth and enhancement and compost it.  

Building on what I learned about myself and others.

Building on my ability to be fluid from 2014

Building on my ability to be fluent from 2015.

Sweet 2016 is my year to plant in that very fertile soil of the past and nurture a robust garden of delights.  

Thrive is defined online by:

  • grow or develop vigorously
  • prosper and flourish

And when I think of those definitions and the energy that burbles up when I think about how the word applies and its many applications to my life as a whole.  It looks like a starburst firework over my bagua!

I decided to reverse engineer things.  I decided to look at my 2016 year of thriving as if it were December 31, 2016.

I decided to feel what it would feel like to have:

  • Thrived in feeling gratitude and feeling grateful;
  • Been connected to a Thriving Community;
  • Thrived in all my relationships (the one with myself included);
  • Made nurturing decisions about health that supported my overall being thriving;
  • Exponential growth in feeling Joy and being creative;
  • Thrived in being able to reflect and learn;
  • Having had a chronic case of “In-flow-enza”;
  • Flourished in being open to help and being a helpful spirit.

When I paused and looked at all the life areas from the perspective of 

Having Lived 2016 in a Thriving Energy, 

as if I had already achieved it at December 31st.  


Un-clicks Seatbelt and gets out of the car to a

Huge Celebration!

I plunked down from Exhilaration!




What word gets your engine going for 2016?

Or do you need a word that supports you slowing down, pulling over, being a passenger?  

On December 31, 2016 what word do you want to use to describe your year?

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Decluttering 2015

Decluttering 2015

The dawn of a New Year is nearly upon us.

The calendar is shiny and clean and waiting for us to fill it.  

Like opening to the first page of a new notebook or journal or climbing into to a new car and inhaling that new car smell.  

The possibilities are endless of what we can create for our new year.

Isn’t it exciting and liberating that annually we collectively start anew!

Globally the world is literally letting go of the old year and welcoming the new.  

We get to choose what we carry over from our last year. 

We get to choose what we let go of from our last year. 

We get to choose how we feel about our experience with 2015 and how it affects our go forward into 2016.

We get to choose.

A Year in Review

How would you sum up your experience in 2015?

Going back through the months and reviewing your year, from the perspective of this moment.  

What does the past year feel like overall?

The good times and the challenging times, the high tides and the low tides; the chaos and the quiet.  Reflect on how you have evolved and what 2015 taught you, especially the lessons and skills you acquired about yourself. Without the substance and experiences of this past year, you would not be the person you are in this moment.  


The good stuff that added value to you and your life experience in 2015 are definitely the keepers. The memories, moments and stories that when you recall bring a warmth and happiness that 

  • you were there, 
  • you were a part of something, 
  • you did, 
  • you went, 
  • you tried, 
  • you experienced, 
  • you connected, 
  • you succeeded, 
  • you taught,
  • you inspired,
  • you learnt, 
  • you laughed, 
  • you cried,
  • you thanked,
  • you helped,
  • you nurtured,
  • you loved,
  • you rocked it,
  • you believed,
  • you challenged,
  • you breathed,
  • you . . . . . .

Amongst that list there may be occasions that only by looking back from this moment can you see and feel the value.  The times that only when the experience or situation had passed were you able to then or now look back and say, “Yes, that was mine.”

Taking ownership for the good stuff, no matter that it was not readily apparent at the time, strengthens our foundation.  Keeping the energy of the good stuff and appreciating what we garnered from it helps us create and attract more in the future. 


Letting go of the times in the last year that do not serve you.  The times that may deflate your energy and or take away from the good stuff.

Its not always easy to let go of past experiences that were not especially stellar. It is not always easy to recognize that holding on to those times may be taking away from your energy rather than adding value to it.

What does holding onto them do for you?

Is it possible that you are “shoulding on yourself?”

In your reflection, note if you find yourself saying…

  • I should have done,
  • I should have went,
  • I should have said,
  • I should have tried,
  • I should have gone,
  • I should have started,
  • I should have taken,
  • I should have helped,
  • I should have ….

For whatever reason you chose not to do something, reflecting with “I should have” statements make you feel guilty.  

Let them go.

If you hear yourself saying “I shouldn’t have…”, for whatever reason in the course of the year you chose to do something, however in retrospect you wish you had not.

Its done.

You did.

Let it go.

And if you are challenged by doing so…what would it feel like to forgive?

Make Peace

Lingering amongst the “shoulds” of 2015 may taint the go forward resolutions or intentions you are creating for 2015.  We can become mired in the why’s, the worries and what if I hads.

What if you were to look at those lists with the eyes of observation rather than judgement?

Is it possible that you made the best decision you could have with the information you had at the time?

Is it possible to make peace with the things you feel you ought to have done but didn’t? 

Is it possible you can convert those should have’s of 2015 to I choose to’s in 2015?

Armed with what we know now, we may have made different choices then.  We can not go back to those moments, however we can choose whether bringing them into the new year serves us going forward.

Is it possible that you can find a take away?

To find the life lesson amongst it all?

Is it possible that letting go of the shoulds can be fertilizer for what we want to create in 2015?

Letting go by making peace is not a means of pretending it did not happen.  It is about changing the way we look at circumstances that may be resonating negatively within us.  

Forgiveness is not making what did or did not happen okay, vanquishing us of responsibility or accountability.  Forgiveness allows us to release the tensile strength of our emotional attachment to a circumstance. ~Sherry Trentini

Choosing to lessen the  load of carrying negative energy from 2015 into the new year, helps to create space in our thoughts and feelings.  Choosing to no longer vibrate or resonate with the perceived negatives at the same level is frees up energy so we can direct it towards what we do want to carry.

By first making peace with chosen content of 2015 can make it easier to choose whether to carry it forward into the new year or let it go.  Whatever you choose to do, adding the essence of gratitude to what 2015 taught you goes a long way to cultivating gratitude in the coming year and years to come.

You get to choose.


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