How To Survive Grief and Loss20190327184201

How To Survive Grief and Loss

From July 2009 onwards, I know I typed ‘How to Survive Grief and Loss’ into my search engine, numerous times. I had a countless number of people volun...
Graduation [be] Present20170518142518

Graduation [be] Present

Regardless of when you graduated, you may be familiar with that loaded of all loaded questions…     “Now What?”   I s...
Grief is Not Only About Death20161109223051

Grief is Not Only About Death

On this day, November 9, 2016 the world is creatively considering what the future looks like based on the choices made and actions taken. There are th...
Limiting Belief Inquiry20160509212141

Limiting Belief Inquiry

  This is my Jack & The Bean stock plant.  My iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice, however when I bought a pot of various succulents a c...