Knowledge and Self Cultivation =  Reflection

Knowledge and Self Cultivation = Reflection

Knowledge and Self Cultivation is the area that you would want to enhance if you are about to embark on learning or doing something new.  An area which would support any self-growth or self enrichment focus.  It is also the ideal area for cultivating peace.
If you have ever taken a yoga class perhaps you have come across the pose “Tadasana” or Mountain Pose.

Credit:  Living Yoga blog
I would describe the basics of the practise of Tadasana as the action of reaching through your feet into the earth, stabilizing the body; while simultaneously extending your head to the clouds, embodying the essence of a literal mountain.  

Mountains are majestic, they are wise and mysterious.  

If one were to travel up a mountain you would certainly enjoy the vantage point of looking at where you came from and be in a good position to see where you are going.

Knowledge and Self Cultivation is about Self.  What we have learnt in our lives, what we wish to learn and what we have learnt inherently about ourselves through all of our experiences.  

I feel the best representation of this area is Reflection.  I believe that we benefit from seeing where we have been in order to give us perspective on where we are going.  The good times, bad times, easy and hard times.  The whole package.

Reflecting on our lives is not about judging what we didn’t do, didn’t achieve, or how crap this or that situation was.  Reflection gives us the opportunity to view all those instances and observe what we were taught.  They are the ingredients of who you are in the present.

Each and every experience in your life has had value in creating who you are today.

Reflection is an opportunity to look for the value in those experiences with perspective.  

  • Looking back versus going back.

Reflection can be celebratory.

  • The “I” did, “I” tried, “I” learned, “I” survived, “I” overcame. Give yourself credit. 
Seeing your past as the base and building of your mountain and going upward and onward to the clouds.
The saying that “hindsight is 20/20” expresses that it is easy to see the value or the lesson of an event after the fact.  What this can also do is provide you an opportunity to see what you are holding onto from your past that may no longer serve you in the present or will serve you in the future.
The potential lies in the viewing the lingering feelings from an observer’s standpoint, rather than judgement.  
Ask yourself what it would feel like if you no longer held heavy feelings about someone or something in your past?
How would it feel to move forward into your future without some of the excess emotional weight of the past?  
How would that affect your the stability of your Center or your Core?
I invite you to ponder and feel this, if you so choose let one thing or something go.
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The Feng Shui Bagua Map

The Feng Shui Bagua Map

The Feng Shui Bagua is an essential tool in associating areas of your physical space with the 9 areas or guas on the map.

Depending on the style of Feng Shui which you are interested in; the process of Bagua application may be different, however the areas on the map would not be dissimilar to the image above.  Therefore you may find that you enter your home through the Knowledge and Self Cultivation gua or that your bedroom is located in the Wealth and prosperity area.
This map could be laid over your entire property; it would be applied to your home overall, as well it can be mapped specifically on one or every room individually.  
The Bagua encompasses all the areas of our lives:
  • Knowledge and Self Cultivation
  • Health and Family
  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Fame and Reputation
  • Love and Relationships
  • Children and Creativity
  • Helpful People and Travel
  • Career
These eight compartments, surround the Center, the common denominator or the glue that holds it all together.  The interconnectedness of the outside squares is possible because of the Center square, it is my opinion that the Center is YOU.
I personally use the Bagua Map as not only a tool which relates to our physical space, but as a tool which I value when looking at what is going on in my life, my thoughts, my feelings, my experience overall.  As well I can apply it to the things which I wish to bring into  my life, things I’m working on or towards manifesting.
The Five Elements series of posts I did (Metal, Earth, Water, Wood, Fire) beginning with the pop quiz, may have given you another perspective in which to look at creating balance, and potentially how your living rooms may or may not mirror that.  
This series of posts is my interpretation of Bagua map as it applies in Feng Shui; followed by how it can be an instrument aiding us in observing the balances and imbalances, to create connectedness and perspectives in our lives.  How our “go forward from the center: our thoughts, attitudes and feelings” have a direct impact on moving forward. 
Just like for your home, a Feng Shui consultant may invite you to move furniture, add elements, or subtract clutter in order to get the energy moving in your space; de-cluttering our minds is equally as important.  
My intention is to share with you my approach in Creating Space in life with my Creating Space Bagua.

With Grateful Ch’i…

Wood You? – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

Wood You? – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?  I’m not sure.  However if a palm frond falls off your palm tree and hits the neighbor’s garage it most definitely makes a sound.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in the garden on 2 occasions in the last month to hear the cracking and subsequent whoosh and crash of a 2 metre frond drop.  This morning as I looked up at my tree I was struck with something, perhaps you can relate.
Isn’t it fascinating that plant life just does what it does?  Right now in the Southern Hemisphere I see new leaves opening on my trees, my lawn is covered in clover, my citrus trees are nearly done producing and the palm is dropping the seed branch which I think is Australia’s version of snow.
The tree never questions its process, it just goes with its rhythm.  All it wants to be is a tree.  
You don’t see the orange tree trying to emulate the bamboo, or the bamboo trying to be a hedge.  Plant life does its thing, its the plant its intended to be.
The element of wood in Feng Shui is that of growth.  Plant life of all kind have a foundation of roots to support the growth above the earth.  Just like in our literal life we sometimes need to cut or prune to allow new growth, or to clear so that growth is not stunted or all consuming.
Wood is 
  • intuition, 
  • it is what you see and what your don’t see; as in the plant/tree reaches out above the earth while the roots are hidden in the earth therefore it holds trust; 
  • its an element of new growth, new skills, new projects. 
  • Wood embodies expansion.
  • trees have branches; our brains can branch out
  • trees have seeds; seeds are knowledge
  • the color green.
Wood is in Balance when we can trust the process and take reasonable risks; while open to guidance and open minded.
Too much wood can leave us feeling encumbered, and we can not keep up.
Taking to much on and consuming to much of the Earth.  We need to bring in the metal element to cut the wood.
Too little wood may be felt when we are not branching out; when we are keeping ourselves small. We need water in order to nourish Wood.
I invite you to consider where you are nurturing yourself for growth in all ways.  Physically, mentally and emotional nurturing to grow your tree of life.