World Suicide Prevention Day Reblog:  Illnesses that no one saw coming

World Suicide Prevention Day Reblog: Illnesses that no one saw coming

Originally Posted in 2013I believe in synchronicity.

I believe in and welcome the arrival of the most perfect people, teachers, words, inspiration, motivation, products etc coming into my world.

As the Universe would have it, I was compelled to click on a link that led me to the following post regarding the language used in, amongst, around and in association with Suicide.

Here is what’s troublesome about the term “suicide survivor.” With cancer, heart disease, liver failure and so on, the survivor is the person who is directly affected by the health problem, who lives it and sometimes dies from it.
By taking on the role of “suicide survivor,” the bereaved accept the role of “victim” as well, since they are inexorably connected. You cannot be a survivor without being a victim.
And to be a victim, there must be a perpetrator.
Would that perpetrator, then, be the very person for whom they grieve?

This post has shaken my core, in as much as I have been precipitating the very stigma around Suicide that I “wished” did not exist, however never thought to turn the language around as I have in other areas of my life.  The author has given me a powerful tool to do just that.


When we replace “killed themselves” or “committed suicide” with “had a fatal depressive episode,” we start to see the horror of the mental illness that took our son, our daughter, our sister, our brother, our husband, our wife, cousin or friend.
And we can reduce the stigma, we can open a real dialogue, we can stop blaming our loved ones and ourselves and get to the tasks at hand – understanding, healing and prevention.

No matter if or how you have had an experience with suicide this post may very well be a catalyst of change.


Change in how we think about Suicide;
Change in how we don’t talk about Suicide;
Change in how we feel about Suicide;
Change in how we heal;
Change in how we move forward.

I am grateful for Joel Kobren’s, honesty, vulnerability and courage in this post


Illnesses that no one saw coming“.

This post is infused with Peace and Love,



Yang Metal and Water; Yin Wood Fire Earth

Yang Metal and Water; Yin Wood Fire Earth

The Children and Creativity Gua is the home of Metal and is associated with water, Lakes specifically.
Metal is is the thinking, the intellectual element.  Metaphorically speaking you have a mind like a steel trap.  You are focused, quick witted and razor sharp. Determination along with strength and endurance would potentially be ways to describe you.
Metal is excavated from the earth, and the large gap between your earth score and metal depicts that.  This element can be shaped to our liking, as in using metal for jewellery or building skyscrapers.  It is both strong and can be malleable.
When we have too much metal in us it can also be portrayed at times as uncompromising or an inability to change course even when it makes sense to do so.  The razor sharp mind may also be interpreted as having a sharp tongue.
Yang Water is the connection to Spirit and Spirituality.  Your metal thinking may be a high source of creativity, which brings Joy to yourself and others.  Water is tapping into your spirit or going with your flow.  Metal is a nourishing cycle to water, in that metal holds water.
These elements are Yang elements and are what we show to the world.
To control Metal the addition of Fire is necessary.  Fire controls metal since it melts the element.  Fire is our communication to our community.  Fire is our passion and emotion, it is leadership, it is connecting.  
Absorbing and accumulating information comes easily and it shows you are one to go with the flow.  I would invite you to consider sharing your wisdom and creativity in teaching another or a group of others.  Stoke the fire within by communicating what you know.
You have a strong sense of connection and synchronicity and may benefit from tending the wood element to nurture your own ideas by sharing what brings you Joy.  
Wood, Fire and Earth are yin elements. Yin is the inner details of ourselves.
Allowing the water vibe in your life to nourish the ideas you have to branch out.  Fire needs wood to burn.  Perhaps there are things you are “thinking” about and not doing.  
What would it feel like to grow those ideas (wood), and tell others about what you are thinking (fire), and connecting to your ground (earth) to take action on your ideas?
I would invite you to think about how it wood feel to put yourself out there rather than think about it?  
Metal – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

Metal – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

The fifth element in Feng Shui is Metal.

Metal embodies the intellect and the mental aspect in our life.  It can be defined as our ability to focus, be quick, be determined, be sharp, clear communication and deep intellectual clarity.  Metaphors such as “mind like a steel trap” and “razor sharp mind” convey this definition.

The material itself is can be noted as our human signature, in that we take it from the earth and manipulate it into various forms.  Metal can be dramatic and strong, think sculpture, jewellery and buildings. And can be the epitome of strength and endurance, think granite and marble. 

Too much metal can 

  • leave us unable to compromise
  • inability to change course even when it makes sense
  • brittle
  • sharp tongues
  • being weak or over processed
  • have trouble connecting
  • lack flexibility
  • over analysis
Too little metal can be
  • procrastination
  • avoidance
  • spineless
  • forgetting
  • forgetful
  • unable to stick to your own integrity.
Metal cuts wood; Metal holds water; Metal consumes earth.
To lessen Metal you can add Fire as it melts metal.
Metal as a structural commodity in our life is, like all of the other elements, needing balance.

Out of Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal.  How would you number these in order from greatest element in your life to least in your life?

Which of these elements would you like to nourish?

Which of these would you like to control?