Water – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

Water – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

How would you describe your favorite body of water? 

How would the water be moving or is it still?
Would it be deep or shallow?
Would it be calm or energetic?
Off the top of your head, what water metaphor could you use to describe your life at this moment? 
Does that metaphor match your ideal Flow in your life?
Water is an essential ingredient in our life.  Literally.  Our bodies are composed of 50-75% of water.  We can live without food but we can not sustain our life without water.  
Water is the source of Life, it is connecting to spirit and spirituality.  It is the Flow of life.
When we have to much water energy in our lives we can 
  • lack form
  • overwhelm ourselves and others
  • tidal waves of emotion; flooding
  • unprocessed stuff
  • feel wishy washy
When we have too little…
  • anxiety
  • like we’ve lost the/our flow
  • lost connection to our Higher Power
  • lack synchronicity
  • dehydrated, dry and combustible.
Momentum would also be a great way to describe Flow. That feeling of being in the groove.  
Where in your life are things not going with the flow?
Where have you sprung a leak?
What could you add to your life or let go of in order to improve your momentum?
We can unclog our flow by letting go of things that seem to be holding us back.  It could be letting go of literal things, people, relationships, thoughts, clutter and even the simple act of deep breathing can help to release energy to get your flow back on. 
What parts of your life are going with the most perfect flow?

What can you learn from those tributaries and apply to the areas that need some help?
I believe that we could associate multiple metaphors of water to describe our lives.  Your ideal career pace may look completely opposite from what you want your home life to feel like.
The magic is finding the Balance that suits you best.
Wood You? – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

Wood You? – Its Elemental Dear Bagua

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?  I’m not sure.  However if a palm frond falls off your palm tree and hits the neighbor’s garage it most definitely makes a sound.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in the garden on 2 occasions in the last month to hear the cracking and subsequent whoosh and crash of a 2 metre frond drop.  This morning as I looked up at my tree I was struck with something, perhaps you can relate.
Isn’t it fascinating that plant life just does what it does?  Right now in the Southern Hemisphere I see new leaves opening on my trees, my lawn is covered in clover, my citrus trees are nearly done producing and the palm is dropping the seed branch which I think is Australia’s version of snow.
The tree never questions its process, it just goes with its rhythm.  All it wants to be is a tree.  
You don’t see the orange tree trying to emulate the bamboo, or the bamboo trying to be a hedge.  Plant life does its thing, its the plant its intended to be.
The element of wood in Feng Shui is that of growth.  Plant life of all kind have a foundation of roots to support the growth above the earth.  Just like in our literal life we sometimes need to cut or prune to allow new growth, or to clear so that growth is not stunted or all consuming.
Wood is 
  • intuition, 
  • it is what you see and what your don’t see; as in the plant/tree reaches out above the earth while the roots are hidden in the earth therefore it holds trust; 
  • its an element of new growth, new skills, new projects. 
  • Wood embodies expansion.
  • trees have branches; our brains can branch out
  • trees have seeds; seeds are knowledge
  • the color green.
Wood is in Balance when we can trust the process and take reasonable risks; while open to guidance and open minded.
Too much wood can leave us feeling encumbered, and we can not keep up.
Taking to much on and consuming to much of the Earth.  We need to bring in the metal element to cut the wood.
Too little wood may be felt when we are not branching out; when we are keeping ourselves small. We need water in order to nourish Wood.
I invite you to consider where you are nurturing yourself for growth in all ways.  Physically, mentally and emotional nurturing to grow your tree of life.

Two by Two

My goal this week was to visualize my scale showing 2 pounds less than my initial weigh in last week, and voila I DID IT! Those 2 pounds put me into the next lower bracket and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was surprised and pleased as all heck!

That is what I concentrated on! Every time I seen my scale in the bathroom, I imagined myself getting on it and reading the numbers 2 less than last time and FEELING Successful NOW, FEELING Proud NOW, FEELING Skinnier NOW! And when I got on today and realized I had manifested it! I felt all of those things but in a Super Charged Way! Congratulations to ME and Thank you to the Universe for supporting my 2 Pound Vibration! Releasing 2 pounds per week is attainable and I can easily incorporate that into my daily life. I’m not sure what my body looks like with all of my weight released but I do know very clearly what it FEELS like to have 2 less pounds to let go of.

That is the beauty of really using your emotions to fuel your subconscious mind to keep you on track. Everyone can relate to getting on a scale or putting on a pair of pants and feeling the complete and utter opposite of successful. Right?

What goes through your mind when that happens?

Think about how strong that feeling is. What are you telling yourself?

Are those the thoughts that are going to support and motivate you to release the extra weight? Not very likely.

It doesn’t take much to conjure up what that feels like and it may very well take some work and practice to generate a positive visual in your mind of you being successful but wouldn’t it be worth it? Isn’t there more value to your self to have strong feelings associated with the success NOW?

No matter what your intention is be it to get to the gym, walk around the block, drink more water and my thing…take my vitamins daily. Building up our ability to feel successful and honoring those successes will help us to FEEL better NOW, and we diminish the power of those feelings that do not support and align with our vibration.

What can you do to Pump up Your Vibration NOW! Find something that you can acknowledge to feel success NOW!

With Grateful Ch’I,