Decluttering Clothes Closets

Decluttering Clothes Closets

Its that time of the year when I enter my wardrobe and
acknowledge the fact that a portion of the contents no longer serve me. 
I’ve had a couple of years reprieve from having to do this
task whilst living in Australia, where my closet looked identical year
round.  Being back in North America means
a more substantial effort to transition, and as a “purger”, I had only a couple
of items  left in the archives worthy of
the briskness of autumn and chill of winter.
I choose to look at this as an advantage.  Not simply because I’m open to retail therapy, but from the perspective that the clothes I choose to add or let go of
from my closet is a practical and literal way of moving my energy.

Clothing absorbs and reflects our energy.  They illustrate who we are and who we want the world to see.

Our garments can support our energy, 
both how we are feeling and how we want to feel


We can climb out of bed and have a pyjama day; or climb into our comfy gear after a long day, and the doing either adds another layer to support our desire to relax.


We can boost our intention to have fun when going out by how we dress, to a party, out with friends, or going for dinner.  We can even exercise with a little more effort, if our gear adds to our vitality.  


We can use our wardrobe to depict who we are or who we are becoming.  Think about how you would dress for a job interview, date or important meeting at the bank or office.  

What about the items that you are no longer connecting with? The pieces that your hand hovers over top of but never grab?

Those may hold a past story and resonated with you then, however, are not currently in sync with your present and more importantly your future.

Create space in your closet by letting go of the garments that:

1. No longer fit,

2. No longer attract you,

3. No longer evoke the energy you wish to project. 

4. No longer make the impression or statement you wish to make.

Those pieces left hanging, can take away from collective good feeling of your closet, so whether that means discarding, passing them on or storing them until the season comes back around, physically removing them from your space can be uplifting.

Add items into your space that you LOVE! Whether you are buying new things, or are returning your stored seasonal clothes, the positive connection to what you see in your closet, and subsequently wearing serves your spirit overall.

While making the change I invite you to do so with gratitude. Being grateful for the clothes that have served you and giving thanks for the new energy for those taking their place.

Infusing your wardrobe with love and gratitude will support you in looking and feeling better, going forward in this and every season.

Letting Clothing Go with Gratitude and Love

Letting Clothing Go with Gratitude and Love

My post Feng Shui Your Wardrobe for Clutter Rescue has resonated with many, myself included, to take action and create space in the clothing closet.  
No matter how few or how many things you edit from your wardrobe I always invite people to say “Thank You” to the items that you are letting go of and to do so with “Love“. 
If you are passing the clothes along as a donation or to someone you know; its good practise to infuse the articles with the good energy of Gratitude.  You valued their worth when it was in your closet, so send it on its way to someone else with that good feeling.
If you have any reservations about what you are decluttering do not let it leave until you can do so with love and thanks.  Otherwise the energy may linger as regret and not the vibeage you want to store in your freshly cleared out space.

Dress Stress:

Someone had recently let go of an outfit they had custom made for a very special occasion. 

Despite the beautiful memories of that event where she wore the dress; it also evoked the NOT so beautiful memories of her dealings with the seamstress. Even with the dress no longer in her wardrobe, she would be reminded, especially when looking back at photographs, of how she felt about the designer.
I suggested that she think of the dress and hold it in her mind; then focus on the JOY she felt while wearing the dress for the celebration; letting the Good feelings about the dress grow greater and stronger while letting the drama of the dressmaker experience go.  This may take some practise, however it will time and energy well invested.  

Simply Put:

  • Inhale the Joy of the celebration;
  • Exhale the dressmaker;
  • Inhale the Joy;
  • Exhale the drama
  • Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Repeat

Repeat until you can feel that you have released the dressmaker as you have the dress.
The beautiful memories from that occasion will continue to grow in value; while holding space for the designer experience does not serve you or honor your memories overall.  
What’s in your closet that you would benefit from releasing with Gratitude and Love?  

Good “Buys”…Good “Byes”

If you have gone shopping since Christmas you know that there are some good “buys” out there that are not easy to pass up. Perhaps your shopping bags contain new items that are replacing that which you already have and therefore it is an equally good time to say good “bye” to the things that no longer serve us.

People have different reasons for keeping things, and when we talk about wardrobes some may be…
· Its still good…or I spent a lot of money on it,
· I may need it, wear it, find someone else who may need it or wear it some day,
· It was a birthday, Christmas, gift from so and so.

If you have been freshening up your wardrobe here are my favorite ways to keep the energy flowing in and out of the closet.

If I buy something new then something has to go: This can be a tricky idea but one worthy of consideration.

Reversing your hangers: If you are unclear as to what should go then turn your hangers the opposite way; when you wear something and return it to your closet hang it back the proper way. Over the course of 6 months you’ll have a clear idea of what you have worn and have covered 2 major weather seasons.

If I were buying this today would I?: This is my favorite question to ask. This prompts the consideration of the:
· Clothing size; is it too big or too small,
· Color; how does the color make you look and feel,
· Style; is it current or dated,
· Shape; how does it affect my self image,
· Condition; is it well loved and no longer looking its best? Tags still attached and never worn? Needs alterations or mending?
· Vibeage; if you are not feeling good about what you are dressed in, this can and will affect your energy for the day.

Kicking around the house clothes: Just like comfort food everyone has their comfort favorites for laying on the couch, cleaning the house, working in the garden and overall veggin’ in your space uniform. Its almost like those clothes are energized with the vibe and once on, it can be like a switch was hit and you are in the zone. Even these clothes can use a second look, you may wish to ask yourself…”If someone came to my door right now, how would I feel about being seen in these clothes?”

The Unseen: Even the clothes that are not for public consumption need attention. Check out your pj inventory, yes I know that is just for sleeping, but really, if you’ve got that outfit on for 8 hours a day; 7 days a week you are absorbing that energy as well. Lingerie; ladies do the girls need a fresh lift? Oh and let’s not forget about the old adage about underwear, check those out too!

Follow Through: Decide who is getting the clothes that are still wearable, set an expiration date to get them to the charitable organization, the tailor, or friend and stick to it. The sooner the better.

Statistics: We wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Hmm that is something to ponder.

Therefore if you have recently bought something new that you love and can’t wait to wear, simultaneously there is something in your closet that you no longer feel that way about anymore. I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to go on a marathon shopping trip to replenish their entire closets, however, if the clothing that we are holding on to doesn’t emanate the same energy it did when it was in our 20%, its not a reflection of where you are today and where you are going.

With Grateful Ch’i,