What Does Someone Who Is Grieving Look Like?

I jumped on the AI train and asked for images of people who were grieving, it did not provide me with any.

In my experience personally, as someone who has experienced grief and loss and have been around others who have – someone who is grieving can appear to be full of joy through to utter despair.

Maybe in the past or maybe today – who you see in the mirror is someone that is grieving.

Maybe the cashier at the grocery store who is smiling and being genial to the customers is grieving.

Maybe that person in the line at Starbucks, maybe, maybe yes, maybe no.

On May 28, 2024, my brother in law died.

It was 6 weeks to the day, from his diagnosis.

When I wrote about “Anticipatory Grief”, it was in response to seeing, like really seeing, his physical challenges up close since we had just moved him to a new apartment.

He was on my mind when I wrote, “What Teacher Left An Impact On You?”. He and I have shared losses in our thirty years of knowing each other, starting with his brother, my late husband.

And his wellness crisis was front and center, when I sent out my post, “Big Feelings”.

Procrastinating writing is my bait and switch, my dysregulation had nothing to do with writing a post, but it was easier for me to focus on that instead of the BIG thing.

Since I felt so helpless, there was nothing I could do for his health situation. It was the BIG thing that created BIG Feelings.

I’m the first to invite someone to “Feel ALL OF THE feelings”. Distracting oneself could be seen as an avoidance tactic to doing just that, I have learned for myself that it is a coping strategy to calm my nervous system down, so I can be present with those feelings and feel them.

Sending good energy your way,


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