Feng Shui Element Fire – Fanning Your Flame

Fire plays a dynamic role in our world; both literally and in our vernacular. The Feng Shui Element Fire is integral in our lives and our homes for warmth, communication and energy.

Feng Shui Element Fire

Colloquial Fire Language

Using Fire in our language can be:
Get fired up = energized.
Being fired up = motivated.
Fire in the belly = motivation.
Getting fired = losing one’s job.
I’m on fire = Angry, enraged.
I’m on fire = On a roll, passionate.
And the list goes on…
The Fame and Reputation Gua is the home of the element of Fire.  I interpret this area as having the essence of Community, as its all about who we are in the world, thus how we are viewed by others by what we communicate to the world.

Characteristics Of The Element Fire

Fire is about communication, emotion, and touch.
The color red is synonymous with this element. As are fireplaces, candles, sunlight through the windows are ways to identify this feng shui element. Also, cone or pyramid shaped items, and artwork with animals, as well as leather furniture.
A healthy amount of fire in our lives is nourishing.  Fire can be our spark, our sparkle, our excitement in our life.  It can be conveyed in a warm and gracious nature.
Too much fire can be
  • aggressiveness
  • conflict
  • impatience
  • intolerance
  • loud
Too little fire can be
  • lackluster
  • no warmth
  • flat
  • cold, chilly
  • separation from
  • shy
In the elemental cycle,
Fire feeds on Wood which turns to ashes which turns to Earth.
A heated earth can create Metal; while Water douses Fire.
Feng Shui element fire
If we put a single piece of paper into a fireplace and light it, it will ignite and burst magnificently into flames.  However in order to keep a fire going, we must feed it, starting with kindling and build to adding logs.  We nurture the fire in our lives’ metaphorical hearth the same way.
If you want to find out if fire is dominant in your personality, take this low tech pop quiz.

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