Feng Shui Element Metal- On Your Mind

The Feng Shui Element Metal embodies what is on your mind. It is our intellect and the mental aspect in our life. Metaphors such as “mind like a steel trap” and “razor sharp mind” convey this definition.

feng shui element metal

Characteristics of Metal

The material itself is can be noted as our human signature, as in we take it from the earth and manipulate it into various forms.  Metal can be dramatic and strong, think sculpture, jewellery and buildings. And can be the epitome of strength and endurance, such as granite and marble.

White and pastel colors; circles, arches and ovals are shapes represent the element metal. Actual metal objects or sculptures, rocks, gemstones, stones, and art featuring those add the metal element into your environment.

It can be defined as our ability to focus, clear communication and deep intellectual clarity.

Balancing Your Metal Element

An overabundance of metal can show up as:

  • an inability to compromise
  • resistant to change course (even when it makes sense)
  • brittle
  • sharp tongued
  • being weak or over processed
  • have trouble connecting
  • lack flexibility
  • over analysis
Too little metal can be
  • procrastination
  • avoidance
  • spineless
  • forgetting
  • forgetful
  • unable to stick to your own integrity.
Metal cuts wood; it holds water; and consumes earth.
To lessen Metal you can add fire as it melts and potentially molds metal.
Metal as a structural commodity in our life is, like all of the other elements are. If you want to find out if Metal is dominant in your personality, take this low tech pop quiz.

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