Your Superhero Presence

What is your relationship with your superhero self?

You may be very well acquainted with your inner villain or inner-gremlin.  The one that rises up when fed self doubt, frustration, insecurity, anxiety and is first to show up when FEAR is on the menu.

Not the fear that you are going to get eaten by a lion, but the fear that you are not worthy, not good enough, not slim enough, not smart enough, not {fill in the blank(s)}.

You know the fear I’m talking about.

The kind that makes you feel small; and makes you want to be small, and that makes you think small.

Wouldn’t it be grand if, in that moment,

your inner Superhero would swoop in





knock that gremlin out on its ass?

In those moments, if you were to observe your body language you would most likely see your body supporting how you are thinking and feeling.  In Amy Cuddy’s book Presence:  Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges.cover-presence-300n she illustrates and thoroughly cites research on how changing our body can affect our mind.  Taking us from a powerless position+overrun by gremlins to powerful=standing tall cape flapping in the breeze!

As pictured on the cover of her book, the victory pose.  The physical gesture made by those crossing the finish line, winning the game (done by both the player and the fans), or hearing your name as a winner in a raffle to come to the stage.

Maybe you have done it yourself when you had a win in your job, like getting a yes from a client.  Or as a parent and successfully negotiated a toddler into nap time or eating a carrot.  Or as a student, receiving the test mark or grade you worked so hard for, being awarded a scholarship or the acceptance letter into your University of choice.

After a win, your body language speaks to that as well.  You may sit taller, shoulders back, head held high.  You take up a more space, exude more energy and feel powerful.

AHHHH…that’s a good feeling, coming off a win.
Riding the wave.
What Gremlin?

I highly recommend her book for a multitude of reasons, but hands down for the fact that her research is effective when applied.  When we strike a pose of power we immediately begin to shift how deep we are breathing, how much space we are taking up, and interrupt our gremlin’s insidious chatter.

We empower ourselves, we empower our presence, and this can be done literally or we can visualize it in our minds.

The energy that you can conjure up in your mind is that same vibe I’ve talked about when manifesting.  Power posing can amp up that multi-sensory experience when you are visualizing what it is you want to manifest.

That’s the win right?  You want to see yourself emitting that winning energy, you want to feel what it feels like to have what it is you want.  That crossing the finish line, arms in the air, pumping up and down, when what you want to deliberately create in your life arrives!

All you need is your own imagination
So use it that’s what it’s for (that’s what it’s for)
Go inside, for your finest inspiration
Your dreams will open the door (open up the door)

~excerpt from Madonna’s song Vogue

Feeling what it feels like is imperative and when we can’t feel it, we can use our body to help us get there.

P.S. My superpower is helping strong women, with their hard and heavy life stuff,
so they can reclaim that energy and move forward lighter!

Take the next small step forward – For you.
Even if you are not sure.

Simply book a free call with me to learn more.


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